Young Driver Insurance: How to Choose It?

A young driver with a driver’s license wants to buy his first car and get out on the road. But before that, we need to guarantee it. Due to their inexperience, new drivers are considered more “at risk”. Therefore, the latter has higher car insurance premiums than experienced drivers. However, there are some tricks to finding an insurance policy at the lowest price. detail.

Taking out car insurance is always a complicated process, especially if it’s the first time. Young drivers at risk are regularly faced with expensive insurance policies. Fortunately, many insurance companies, like Groupama, offer advice and support. By insuring your vehicle with car insurance such as Grupama, young drivers can find a contract that suits their needs and fully indemnify them in the event of an accident or damage. Still, it’s important to carefully compare and choose your options so you don’t pay too much. Even if you just have a license, there are also some solutions and tips to lower the price of your car insurance.

What is a young driver?

First, let’s recall what a young driver is. A new driver is someone who has been licensed for less than three years. Insurance companies also define novice drivers as those who have never insured a vehicle in their name in the last three years. Indeed, even if a driver gets his license more than 10 years ago, if he hasn’t been insured for the past three years for a variety of reasons, car insurance considers him a “young driver.”

According to Road Safety Association statistics, young drivers are four times more likely to have a traffic accident than experienced drivers. Therefore, insurance covers this risk at an “additional charge”. This can double the price of your monthly payments compared to older drivers. Under the Insurance Law, this increase is limited to 100% in the first year, 50% in the second year and 25% in the third year. This additional premium will be withdrawn after 3 years without any negligence claim.

Our advice to reduce the cost of car insurance

In short, this affects the portfolio of young drivers. However, some of the following options allow you to reduce the amount of your insurance policy.

First tip: With driving. Each licensee who performed the accompanying operation sees the value of the additional premium divided by 2 (50% in the first year, 25% in the second year, 12.5% ​​in the third year).

Second advice: Registering as a second driver in your parents’ or spouse’s car can be very economically interesting. The price will be cheaper and it will be easier to donate bonus points.

Third advice: To lower the price of insurance, it is also advisable to buy a less powerful and used petrol car and act upstream. In fact, when creating an insurance policy, the brand, age, horsepower, or fuel type of the vehicle is relevant. Used cars or less powerful cars cost much less to insure.

Young drivers can benefit from several types of insurance (civil liability insurance, third party insurance, all risk insurance, optional insurance, etc.) depending on their needs. Before joining, we recommend that you take the time to analyze each insurance company’s standards and rates in detail and move to a car insurance that suits your profile and car usage. The online insurance comparator is a great tool for doing this.

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