Young Driver: Find Your Car Insurance!

Car insurance: restrictions or guarantees?

Taking out car insurance is a mandatory step and you cannot opt ​​out for legal and safety reasons. To be able to circulate on public roads, you must always display a sticker and an insurance policy called a green card on your windshield. Management is regular and violations constitute crimes that are punished by very severe fines and penalties. Needless to say, in the event of an accident, you will not be compensated.

However, looking for car insurance is often too long and boring. Many formulas exist, are provided by all providers, and various conditions apply. You need to compare these to find the one that suits you. Needless to say, for most insurance companies, young drivers appear as dangerous drivers by default. Not only your inexperience, but also improper vehicles that are too old or too powerful can play against you, despite yourself.

The double penalty of boredom and dissatisfaction, suspicion and guilt, when you just passed your license, always live together with the best will in the world, simply to drive safely in good condition. Is not easy. To improve this, it is important to literally find the insurance you are missing. Insurance that provides you with the most appropriate guarantee, taking into account your peculiarities as quality, not as defects.

Young Driver Insurance: Insured Guarantee

To make your life easier, Ornikar offers young driver insurance, affordable and hassle-free. Within 30 seconds, thanks to a fun, intuitive and effective online simulation, this site allows you to estimate rates from real profiles and guarantees that you can choose the insurance that suits you.

Please submit the registration card (gray card) issued by the prefecture. It shows the make and model of your car, your financial strength (expressed in horsepower), and the version and its service launch year (and therefore age). Since this is your first vehicle, you do not need to provide a statement showing your history (bonus and Mars).

This information is used to establish the amount of contracts and premiums, that is, the amount that must be paid in exchange for a guarantee. Let’s start by collecting papers. Once the process (quote, price, testing, personalization, verification) is complete, you will be insured and ready to drive during the day.

Increase warranty and reduce risk

There are three classic guarantees. The minimum third party insurance is limited to civil liability and only covers damages caused to third parties. Neither you nor your car is covered by yourself. You can claim extended third party insurance by injecting some options such as broken or stolen glass, and therefore by injecting a small amount of money.

The more complete and well-known all-risk insurance, as the name implies, covers all damage that can be caused to your car. It is advisable to choose a driver’s license that can be added indiscriminately to all contracts and specifically guarantees the possibility of physical injury.

In addition to the classic warranty, Ornikar benefits from insurance and mechanics expert advice, post-accident follow-up by psychologists, and free driving lessons. These free additional options are the result of years of expertise and experience making Ornikar the first driving school in France and soon the first online car insurance.

Bet on safety, roads, and insurance. If possible, we recommend choosing a modern small urban vehicle. All insurers need to offer these guarantees, but with conditions and prices that justify the need to systematically compare their offers to find the solution that works best for you on a case-by-case basis.