“With Zemur, Eric Nowlow found life insurance.”

FIGARO LIVE – Political journalists will participate in “CL’Hebdo” as a columnist every Saturday at 7pm in France 5. As a guest on Buzz TV, you’ll have the opportunity to comment on how your campaign will be treated in the media. President.

TV magazine. -Every Saturday, we will hold a column called “Formidable Campaign” at “CL’Hebdo” in France 5.
Jean-Michel Afati. ―――― The goal is to catch the flaws in this week’s news campaign, as well as the inconsistencies of certain candidates. In short, the bad side of politics, those who promise something and say the opposite of what they said last week on Tuesday. The purpose is to make fun of this very difficult activity of doing politics.

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Should we take the adjective “adjective” a second time for those who are not yet curious to see your editorial?
It’s a little twice. At the same time, there is always something to watch out for in the presidential campaign, where individuals are extremely staged. They are involved and endangered. We’re sorry, but we live in a political sequence that never gets boring. This race at Elysee has some features not found in other races. The big parties do not dominate the debate, and the far right reaches a level unknown to the Republic since 1875. Jean-Luc Melenchon’s willingness to vote is quite high, but the left has disappeared and he is not exercising power. And because he hasn’t left his office in Paris for the rest of his life, a journalist who knows almost nothing about France shakes the presidential election.

“Cyril Hanuna is a little extremely attracted”

“Buzz TV” guest Jean-Michel Afati, Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Cyril Hanuna accepts applicants for the state’s best features at “Face à Baba”. How do you see the arrival of this host in a democratic debate?

First, as a rule, political journalism is not reserved for those who claim to be political journalists. Everyone has the right to intervene and Cyril Hanuna is talented enough to know how to do it. After that, even if I have many qualities as an animator, I am a little too attracted to it. He staged Zemur, while his friends paraded saying he was great. There was a contradiction, but there was laziness in writing … his talent should not invite him to sleep with this.

Do you think the show takes precedence over the content of the show?
Yeah, maybe that’s the way to put it. In the presidential election, there is little, if any, interest in the confrontation between a candidate and a friend. As for Eric Zemmour, that’s a problem! Seeing Eric Nowlow disagree with him, but saying he’s great, the problem is a bit confusing and I’m not sure how to write the show. We spend 10 minutes saying he’s great. He probably does, but he doesn’t care a bit because he’s a presidential election. We should rather try to get the candidate to talk about his suggestions, his culture, and his values.

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With Éric Naulleau, you get a tense relationship on Twitter. Is he your greatest enemy?
There is a contradiction in him I would like to point out. The boy finds life insurance with Eric Zemmour and he keeps it. After that, I always liked fighting.

Would you like to fight Eric Zemmour as a set?
I always refused! He participated in RTL in 2010. The station always wanted me to argue with him, but I never wanted. He had already been accused of justice. He is intolerant, racist, abusive, and homosexual!His book First sex Explain homosexuality due to feminization of society. It’s a complete intolerance.

“Mysteriously, many people say they love me nowadays.”

“Buzz TV” guest Jean-Michel Afati, Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Your position sometimes makes people sick. Are you threatened?

It’s violent. Curiously, many people say they love me nowadays! It’s new. I was one of the journalists who tried to ask a specific question about violence against women, which surprised me. Everything about France’s existence in Algeria also brought me an unexpected wave of sympathy. War criminal Louis Jucheau de La Moricière said he had a school in his name in Paris in the 12th arrondissement. I said it almost by accident, and I realized that no one knew it, among municipal authorities, and among political leaders. This man is an assassin and he theorizes the massacre of Muslims in Algeria and has a kindergarten in Paris.

Political interviews are exercises practiced every morning at RTL for 12 years. Isn’t he one of the interviewers for La Doe’s magazine “Élysée 2022: facing France Télévisons”?
I won’t talk about scandals so far, but I think a little (laughs). If I were offered it, I would say so, but it’s not those I’m chasing. I am not dissatisfied with not interviewing the candidate. They don’t answer the question anyway. He was Foreign Minister when I first received Dominique de Villepin. It was in 2003. I was scared that he didn’t say anything and couldn’t answer the question. He didn’t care about the journalist in front of him.

“I’ll explain why they didn’t want to see me at RTL someday.”

“Buzz TV” guest Jean-Michel Afati, Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Do you miss the radio?

I can’t miss it, but I would like to get up in the morning and do an editorial. Interview with me too! I left the French Inter because the RTL poached me. Then I left RTL because they didn’t want to see me anymore for the wrong reason. But I explain the day.

Does it have anything to do with your political view?
For bad political reasons … I often commented, and we always said, “Stop there!”

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