Will our school’s child insurance be gone?


When social security did not exist, children were not protected from the consequences of accidents that could be sacrificed at school, but they were sometimes responsible. In 1932, teachers decided to create the Mutuelleassurance de l’éducation (MAE), a structure that pools risks to protect children and their families in the event of a school accident. MAE seems to have to face serious problems after being one of the most important school insurance companies. This will close agents, including agents in several towns of Center Valde Loire. MagCentre interviewed a former Loiret MAE employee.

Interview with Jean-Paul Briand

JPB snapshot
Door of MAE agency ruedu Tabour in Orleans (Photo JPB)

MagCentre: Are all agencies currently closed?

Former employee of Royale MAE: At Centre-Val de Loire, the distributors of Orleans, Blois, Chartres, Châteauroux and Bourges are completely closed. Tours’s should be operational as soon as new hires are hired, but it’s an agency dedicated to commercial services rather than claims management.

MagCentre: Why did these MAE agencies stop working?


Former employee of Royale MAE: For several years, MAE had to deal with three major challenges: the end of teachers’ promotion of MAE insurance, the obligation to comply with new rules governing mutual insurance and mutual insurance, and fierce competition for school insurance. For these three reasons, MAE has lost many members and their contributions. Financial difficulties continued. To reduce operating costs, MAE’s national office has opted to significantly close local agencies and invest in digital communications.

The choice of agency to remove was made without consultation or explanation.

MagCentre: Since MAEs are mutual, are resolutions usually democratically and jointly decided by all members?

Former employee of Royale MAE: Yes ! However, it is a pity that the national elected officials did not hear the local elected officials decide. They only notified department representatives by confirming that they had no choice but to close a number of agencies. The choice of agency to remove was made without consultation or explanation. Members were not put into a decision-making loop, and there was no communication to justify the closure.

MagCentre: What are the consequences of the disappearance of these institutions?

Former employee of Royale MAE: The disappearance of all of these agencies will be detrimental to those who are most at a disadvantage in the face of digital technology. Eliminates direct human contact essential to support in all procedures related to membership, regulation, and claim declaration.

MagCentre: How do you see the future of MAE?

Former employee of Royale MAE: Based on solidarity, like many mutual protection structures, the future of MAE is very worrisome. The entire board of directors of MAESolidarité du Loiret resigned, opposed the policies pursued by the state board and upheld the brutally sanctioned head of the department for expressing disagreement with state management. It is important for us to witness our concerns and distress on the eve of the 90th wedding anniversary for us former managers who know a warm, humane, friendly and truly supportive interrelationship. Seemed to be. I hope MAE will continue to live with dynamism and mercy …