Why do you master insurance?

In 2020, the insurance industry Major European marketsThe final result is 9.7 billion euros (Source: ACPR / Bank of France).Work atguaranteeMeans prevent risks, protect individuals and businesses at every stage of their existence, and support them in the event of difficulties or disasters.

The vast insurance sector covers multiple opportunities from an employer’s perspective : Legal services for insurance and reinsurance companies, brokerage or professional law firms, banks offering insurance products, large corporations, associations, mutualist departments, etc.

As a result, for more than 250,000 employees, a variety of high-level professionals in risk analysis, product design, advice, insurance policy sales and management: insurance agents, legal professionals, actuaries, brokers. , Risk managers, advisors, account managers, rewards or marketing research, etc.

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Insurance, a promising sector for young graduates

The insurance sector, an area of ​​outstanding activity in the future, is in direct contact with the evolution of society.It is carried by Uncertain international situation (especially damage caused by climate change)..At least record 15,000 new employees each year..

Moreover, far from a particular cliché, insurance is positioned as well as a sector. Dynamic and innovativeBut also deeply Comprehensive and human.. There are many employment policies that support youth, co-education and diversity, gender equality and the integration of workers with disabilities. Thereby, 60% of insurance company employees are women, and more than 50% of annual hires relate to people under the age of 30.

Therefore, migrating to this sector is often a great opportunity for young graduates, whether they choose to work for individuals or large corporate groups. In particular, there are multiple advantages of this sector, so: Flexibility, promotion of geographic mobility, reward motivation… The aging population pyramid should accelerate employment in the coming years.

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Why choose an insurance master?

The insurance sector must constantly anticipate, adapt and innovate in the face of risk changes, digital revolutions, social and regulatory changes to meet customer needs and expectations. To think about and support these changes Companies are keeping an eye on advanced skills that can only be acquired through a professional third cycle...

These courses (Master’s, Master’s, Master’s, MBA, Professional Titles) are open to a very wide range of profiles. Business school graduate, Master of Economics, Banking, Finance, ManagementOr even to those who leave Science course that’s why mass (Mathematics applied to social science) or Faculty of Engineering.. This training is available not only at universities, but also at training organizations that specialize in banking and insurance.

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