Which car insurance do you choose for a used car?

Car Insurance: Adapt your formula according to the age of your car

Cars (as evidenced by the continued rise in car prices) and living expenses as a whole continue to rise, but car insurance costs remain fairly stable in 2021. This is not a condition that car insurance is not expensive. , The exact opposite. Owning a car is expensive, so it can even be very expensive. Several factors are involved in determining the price, age, driver profile (bonus Mars, young driver, etc.) of the vehicle insurance policy, vehicle type and output, average number of kilometers per year, or choice of formula. Selected options such as deductible amount, cover level, and deductible mileage and replacement vehicle selection. Some insurance offers discounts if you pay once instead of monthly.

However, especially for used cars, there are solutions to lower annual subscription prices in a fast-growing market since the Covid-19 crisis in early 2021. This is the best suggestion to save the maximum cost of his car. insurance.

Monitor your car discounts and choose the right insurance

There is no dispute that all risky car insurance policies are still the best way to buy a new car of high value by definition. This complete offer provides complete coverage in the event of a complaint.On the other hand, sometimes sad, used cars 5 years and older do not necessarily need full risk insuranceNot because the latter is in poor condition, but because if a complaint occurs, we don’t know if we can recover the exact amount we paid when we bought the vehicle.

Cars are properties with very rapid discounts. This means that from one year to the next, your car will cost you. May decrease by 15-20% and even 50-60% in 5 years.. This value is taken into account and used by the insurance company. The insurance company will use this new amount to calculate compensation or coverage in the event of a claim. It’s interesting because you don’t have to pay for all-risk car insurance, which is the highest premium insurance, as the coverage decreases over time.

To know the exact value of his car, you need to be based on yourself Evaluation of Argus, You can do it online for free. You will understand a little better why your insurance company offers you very modest or very low compensation, even though your car still costs almost twice as much as you say.

Support third-party formulas to insure used cars without spending too much money

As you know, from a certain age, it is advisable to take out cheap car insurance, more specifically to a third party, to cover your car. But how do you know when you need to switch from an all-risk formula to a third-party insurance policy?

Some displays are useful, such as the service start date that determines the age of the vehicle. Therefore, between the ages of 5 and 10, choosing third-party insurance has some additional benefits. Intermediate between all risks and third parties. This means that you can choose additional amenities such as anti-theft and purchase price guarantees.Thanks to this guarantee, you will be indemnified if you make a claim High purchase price Therefore, there is no loss if you obviously forget about the vehicle.

After 10 years, your car can be insured “Simple” one-third.. This is a mandatory minimum requirement in France and this offer covers the driver’s civil liability in the event of serious or physical injury to another driver or road user in the event of an accident. .. This formula can also cause glass breakage as an option, but in practice it is very rare for the windshield to break.

In addition to the age of your car, another factor is involved in the choice of insurance policy.Your car Secondary vehicleThat is, short trips that are rarely used or, for example, the best-selling electric vehicle Dacia Spring last January, have insurance per kilometer. It is fully adaptable to the situation and remains covered by various warranty, allowing for significant savings.

Online comparator to get the first quote or the first price simulation

With a variety of online insurance comparators, you can easily find the best offer at the best price, as it provides (too much) a lot of information with just a few clicks. After that, all you have to do is sign up directly with your new insurance company online or request a phone call or booking to finalize the final details.

Keep in mind that each comparator has its own base of the insurer referenced, even if you often find the same. However, there are no insurance companies, such as Axa, that are rarely offered. Therefore, if you want a wider range of options, you may need to request a quote or insurance simulation from the insurance company’s site. But that takes time.

In addition, the Hamon Law allows you to change your insurance at any time after one year. Even new insurance companies are taking steps to dismiss the old insurance company. Do not hesitate to request an insurance quote on a regular basis to reduce the cost of insurance. Even with equivalent options, looking for new insurance and requesting an insurance quote can often be a solid savings thanks to favorable rates to attract new customers.