When and how can school insurance be terminated?

Termination of school insurance for different types of contracts

Cancellation conditions vary depending on the type of contract. See the general terms and conditions of the contract.

You have signed up for a contract offered by the school

Generally, school-provided contracts are one-year fixed-term contracts that take effect at the beginning of a new school year and end on the eve of summer vacation. Ci for extracurricular formulas. These contracts are valid for up to one year and have no implicit renewals. These are actually group contracts signed by the parent-teacher association or a private school that parents will comply with in the next school year. If you have such a contract, there is no formal procedure for termination. The contract automatically ends on the date specified in the contract, depending on the expression retrieved.

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I took out school insurance provided by an insurance company

You need to refer to the contract provided by the broker, insurance agent, or bank agent to see the duration of the contract and, as mentioned above, whether the contract itself is a non-implicit renewal contract that ends. I have. An implicitly renewable contract that is renewed annually unless indicated by a registered cancellation notice addressed in accordance with the notices set forth in the general terms of the contract.

Your child is covered under your home complete hensive

Perhaps you choose compensation for your children by civil liability in your contract covering your home (MRH) and “individual children” guarantee in this same contract to protect them in the event of an accident I joined.

In this case, the termination of school insurance thus configured can only be achieved by termination of the MRH contract subscribed to by the implicit renewal, but is subject to the notice provided within the contract or Chatel framework. You can end each year at maturity, provided that. And Hamon’s Law. , Recall under general conditions.

Your child is covered by a Life Accident Guarantee Agreement (GAV)

In addition to the civil liability covered by multi-risk home insurance, we have decided to guarantee the child in the event of an accident under a GAV contract for the entire family. Therefore, your child is covered all year round due to the risk of accidents in private life, and therefore includes during their school life.

This warranty is granted within the framework of the contract with implicit renewal and can be canceled annually at maturity under the terms stipulated in the general terms.

School insurance end letter template

Mr / Mrs (name and first name)


Insurance company name


…. (date),

Subject: Termination of school insurance contract number … (Contract number)


  • Case number 1: End at maturity

I, the signer) … (full name), End the above school insurance policy and guarantee my child … (full name) At the end of … (Please state the expiration date in the contract)According to the general terms of the contract.

  • Case 2: Other reasons for termination (check why it was called)

I, the signer) … (full name)Request the termination of the above school insurance policy and guarantee my child … (full name)Follow the options stipulated by law and set forth in the general terms and conditions of the contract for the following reasons:

  • Changes in my personal situation (Talk about change)
  • Change of contract terms (Specify the changes you made (Warranty changes, price increases, etc.)
  • Termination by your service of another contract withdrawn in my name (Please indicate the number of the contract terminated by the insurance company)

Thank you. Madam, Sir, thank you.

(Name and name and signature)