What kind of expression? How much is the price?

Pet Rabbit Health Insurance: Which Formula? How much is the price?

Pet rabbits are leporidae that are classified as new pets (NACs). Easy to grow, fun to live with, affectionate, playful and a good companion for children and adults.

Until recently, if rabbits were driven to the ranks of children’s toys, these small animals are now better considered, more spoiled, and much better cared for by their owners. They are also increasingly benefiting from veterinary care when needed. However, their health is particularly vulnerable and their health costs are high. To reduce those amounts, it is possible to take out health insurance for pet rabbits.

What is the point of looking at this type of health protection contract? What do these mutual insurance formulas for rabbits offer? What price do you expect and how to find the one that suits you? Let’s look it up in this file.

Why do you get health insurance for your pet rabbit?

Rabbit owners are more hesitant if dog and cat owners decide to take out health insurance to take care of their small companions. However, to maintain the well-being of this NAC in vulnerable health, this type of insurance is a good way to reduce his veterinary costs.

Most species have an average lifespan of at least 5 years, and pet rabbits are fragile animals and are susceptible to multiple diseases. Parasites, digestive problems, respiratory problems, toothache … There are many causes of complications in this small animal.

In recent years, the image of a rabbit has changed. Indeed, it is known that if this leporide has long been driven into the status of stuffed animals for children like hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, gerbils and other rodents, it will find a new place in the house. It has been. For too long, these animals have been recognized as children’s toys that should be left in cages to entertain them until they die. It was unthinkable to consult a veterinarian about a sick rabbit, the unfortunate poor were replaced by a new individual shortly after his death, immediately extinguishing the pain of the youngest member of the family.

Fortunately, today French people are increasingly adopting pet rabbits to make them real animals in their homes. NAC well-being is of even greater concern to breeders and sellers of these small animals, where increased awareness of animal causes is undoubtedly important to many. .. The French are better aware, more informed, no longer leave NAC in the role of toys, and treat their little guardians much better. Therefore, rabbits are better fed, better cared for, more spoiled, able to leave the cage and consult a veterinarian in case of health problems.

A true authentic pet rabbit, a member of the family, is better cared for. Nevertheless, the cost of veterinarians for this type of animal is particularly high. Because the veterinarians who inspect them are forced to follow certain training courses that lead to higher prices. To offset this non-negligible cost, the insurance company refused to offer mutual insurance for cats and dogs with NAC-compliant prescriptions, including pet rabbits. Therefore, these insurances allow leporid owners to more or less completely cover the cost of the veterinarian.

Pet Rabbit Health Insurance: What are the available prescriptions?

Overall, pet rabbit health insurance is similar to dog and cat insurance. However, the formulas are more limited and have fewer choices and options.

The formula has two or three levels. The basic entry-level formula provides only 50% to 60% coverage. The finest formulas cover up to 80% to 90% and in some cases 100% of the costs incurred. Again, the repayment rate applies only to veterinary care provided by the insurance policy, not the total amount of the invoice.

In use, this type of pet rabbit health insurance is simple and acts like a mutual insurance between Tom Cat and Doggy. At each visit, the rabbit owner gives the veterinarian a care sheet. After confirming the amount of care, he will send the insurance company a care sheet with a detailed invoice for the intervention.

Within a more or less long period of time, which can last from 24 hours to several weeks, the pet rabbit owner will receive a transfer to his bank account corresponding to the amount refunded to him by his insurance company. This repayment amount takes into account the care covered by the contract, the repayment rate provided, and other factors. In fact, the deduction amount, in the form of a fixed amount or percentage, can be applied to all refunds requested for the year, or only to the first refund. In addition, each animal mutual insurance policy comes with an annual reimbursement limit that corresponds to the maximum amount the insurer agrees to reimburse per year. Once this limit is reached, rabbit owners will not be able to benefit from care until the following year, even if they have a 100% contract.

Rabbit Health Insurance: How Much?

As you know, if rabbit insurance works the same as cat and dog insurance, what is offered is even more limited. Coverage rarely exceeds 90%.

On average, donations cost around € 20 a month, or € 240 a year, which is a bit higher than insuring a cat. Only daily care is covered, but depending on the insurance company and the options selected, a preventive package of € 50 to € 100 per year is available.

Indeed, the price of rabbit health insurance may seem important. But the health of this sensitive little companion is especially fragile. The older he is, the more likely he is to get sick. Signing a mutual health insurance policy for rabbits is also advantageous in the face of the amount of bills, and many owners can rest assured that they will take care of small animals while taking care of some of the costs. It’s a good way to prolong the presence of little rabbits without the hassle and hassle!

Pet Rabbit Health Insurance: How to Find the Right Prescription?

Would you like to take out pet rabbit health insurance? We recommend using an online comparator to do business without restrictions. This free and non-binding service is very efficient. Fast, it allows you to receive offers that meet the needs of your little buddies and your budget in just a few seconds. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire in advance to allow the tool to target your needs.

Whenever you face an offer that might be of interest to you, you should request a detailed quote from the company that caught your attention. All you need to do next is to compare the submitted suggestions with equal warranty. In this way, you should be able to profit from the offer that offers the best quality / price ratio on the market according to your unique needs! You don’t have to wait to take advantage of it!