What is your favorite acquisition of Unabiz disqualified by the Ministry of Economy?

It’s both abusive, vigilant, or crying of concern on their part. Sigfox’s CSE and the 180 employees it representsRefuses presidential elections (in France) to jeopardize their future“They declare in a press release sent on Tuesday night, April 12th.

To understand, you have to go back nearly three months. Startup Sigfox, a former star of La French Tech, was the trustee of the Toulouse Commercial Court on January 26, thanks to 0G technology, which has established itself as a low-speed communication network for the Internet of Things (IoT). became. Through this process, 12 candidates have been assigned to take over a company with nearly 300 employees worldwide. Most of it is in La Beige, southeast of Pink City, where its headquarters are located.

After hearing the candidates and discussing with the CSE, after a definitive hearing to announce their respective projects at the Toulouse Commercial Court on Tuesday, April 5, the parent company Sigfox Corp and a French subsidiary, 180 people. Employees.As revealed by galleryOf the remaining four files, two were rejected by the staff representatives with unfavorable opinions, one with a reserved opinion and the other with a positive opinion. In the latter case, it is Unabiz, a Sigfox operator in the Taiwan and Singapore zones, founded and supervised by a former employee of the startup. However, this offer could be thrown into the trash by the Toulouse Commercial Court for legal (but very political) aspects, despite the fact that it is endorsed by management, CSE, and employees. There is sex …

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Management wants Unabiz as a buyer

By Thursday, April 14, the court must appoint buyers for the Sigfox company, and Unabiz’s offer seems to have made a good start to the three competitors thanks to this persistence. The company with 70 employees also has Support from the Sigfox Ambassadors Association and the United Nations, an international association of 0G operators of which Sigfox is a member.

“There is only one offer that completely beats the elected officials. This offer also stands out for Sigfox management. It was founded by two French entrepreneurs, including a former Sigfox employee. And an offer submitted by managed Asian Sigfox operator UnaBiz ….) ”, write a CSE in a press release. “The proposal submitted by UnaBiz is the most interesting on the social side. The CSE was able to observe a similar corporate culture as Sigfox, which reduces the risk of talent outflows. The proposed funding is It seems to match the project. […] CSE believes that the diversification of revenue sources described in the strategy is reliable and interesting. UnaBiz is legal and trusted to carry out this strategy […]And its technical vision, “and adds Antoine Maïer, who was elected as a CSE and body spokesperson in this procedure.

Despite these positive opinions, one indicator of the Judge Commissioner responsible for Sigfox files remains orange. Being an overseas-based company, the Ministry of Economy must issue IEF approval (foreign investment in France) to Unabiz. What she has not yet obtained within 48 hours of the Toulouse Commercial Court ruling. “”Bercy hasn’t answered us yet, but he still knows the deadline“I regret the leader, Henri Bonn, gallery..

“The Ministry of Economy, contacted by the CSE, showed that the file was completed on April 11, but is still under investigation. This is worrisome for employees whose fate depends solely on this approval. Yes, the Sigfox CSE has been postponed by the Ministry of Economy and has not reached an agreement until the second round of the presidential election scheduled for April 24. Problem: The Toulouse Commercial Court said April 14. A decision must be made on Thursday, understanding that political issues that disrupt their future, and the considerations in between, can rob them of their jobs and endanger the technology they have invested heavily in. Not without delay asking the Ministry of Economy to complete the investigation of the UnaBiz file, and to give a detailed answer, “they wrote the CSE in a press release on Tuesday, April 12.

Has the French candidate activity revived?

The silence on the part of the Ministry of Economy is officially recognized as a refusal to issue approval by the Toulouse Commercial Court, which in fact reduces Unabiz’s hopes of success in the Sigfox case. “”Bercy plays an ostrich, but I don’t know why“Especially as Unabiz has made an official promise to the French state about its intentions regarding a Toulouse-based startup, it plagues sources familiar with the matter.

“The Ministry of Economy has requested Unabiz to commit to about 20 potentially temporary terms. All terms have been accepted by the company. It is not formal. With regard to Sigfox, Unabiz in particular. We have set out to maintain our headquarters. For 10 years in France, delicate activities and maintenance of industrial capacity in France (in other words, especially work, editor’s notes), “said Antoine Meier, who participated in the gallery. doing.

Some sources familiar with this issue prefer to remain anonymous, and this position in Bercy completely flips the card among all potential Sigfox buyers who are still running. I am informing you that you are. And give benefits to others …

In a proposal to acquire the French company Actility, which received a disadvantageous opinion from CSE, “BPI France, and therefore indirectly the state, is an investor in the file“We emphasize one of these sources and mean that Bercy is tempted to endorse this file by blocking Unabiz. In addition, since the birth of Sigfox in 2011, public investment banks have been I’ve invested several times. “Despite Unabiz’s commitment, the state will certainly take a dim view of Sigfox being under foreign control.“, We say internally.

Moreover, unlike the Asian candidates who positioned themselves in the acquisition of the parent company and its French subsidiary, Acty positioned itself only in the acquisition of Sigfox. In this case, if the Toulouse Commercial Court holds a French company, it must be paired with a company that is interested in the subsidiary. Therefore, such a configuration is According to the actor in the file, Heliot Europe GmbH, a foreign investor who would have received a green light from Bercy, has been rarely mentioned so far as it is only interested in its French subsidiary. Verdict within 48 hours.

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contact address gallery In this file, the Ministry of Economy refuses to take a position. “”Sigfox is an important asset for the national economy The possibility of acquisition by a foreign player falls under Article L151-3 of the Financial and Financial Law, which initiates the control of foreign investment in France. Therefore, permission from the Minister of Economy is required and is only permitted if the national interest is protected. For assets that fall under national sovereignty, the rules in force of the country cannot be deviated. The application has been submitted and we will not comment on the ongoing process.“It is the content to comment on Bercy.