What is this letter from health insurance sent to 3 million Bretons? – reindeer

In these times of repeated CPF scams, it’s probably not unnecessary to first specify that this communication from health insurance is actually genuine. Since February 14, 3 million Bretons have begun to gradually receive documents to open a “My Health Space” account.

From now until March 5th, anyone with an ameli account (that is, 65% of Breton affiliates) will receive an email, and everyone else will receive an email in their mailbox. Each Cargo: A leaflet explaining the principles of this new service and a confidential code unique to each insured.

The public service
The public service “My Health Space”, available in the form of a website, needs to allow all French people to store and access their health data with full confidence and full security. (screenshot)

Deployment in Côtes d’Amole has already begun since February 14th. This week is the turn of Ille-et-Vilene and Finistere, and Morbihan will be the last province of Brittany to receive letters by March 5. “By mid-April 2022, all insured persons (adults or minors) enrolled in the French health insurance system will be notified,” explains health insurance.

  • What is my health space?
  • Launched in early February, this public service will be available in the form of websites and mobile applications that need to make it easy for French people to store and access their health data. Height, weight, vaccines, ongoing treatments, allergies … more information can be added. With one click, after obtaining patient approval, all healthcare professionals can access their health profile to facilitate treatment.

    Another practical aspect is that it is very easy to send all medical documents such as prescriptions and hospitalization reports to the insured’s personal space. Finally, each profile has secure messaging for exchanging information with a reference medical professional, such as your doctor.

    Obviously, “my health space” will fill the famous shared medical record or DMP. Released in 2011, this tool has never really been convinced, and to date it has only 367,430 profiles in Brittany, accounting for only 11% of the population. If you already have an account, your data will be automatically transferred to the new tool.

  • How do I activate my profile in my health space?
  • Once you receive your letter or email, you can use your important card to activate your online service with a sensitive code that is unique to each insured. If you forget this, don’t panic. The service will be created automatically after 6 weeks. Please note that you can also oppose the creation of a service by logging in and requesting.

    For those farthest from digital, health insurance guarantees that they will never be forgotten. “There are major partnerships with Digital Inclusion stakeholders. Brittany provides training to help Maison France Services advisors or digital mediators provide support.

  • Will the launch proceed smoothly?
  • During a presentation at the Ille-et-Villene Primary Health Insurance Fund in Rennes on February 24, several health professionals from the Brittany region discussed the launch of “My Health Space”. “We are very optimistic,” confesses Olivier Decor, a professor of internal medicine at the University Hospital of Rennes. “We need to simplify all these health procedures as much as possible, and if it works, we can even imagine that they can replace important cards in the long run.” “Everyone is a winner,” continues a user of France Asso Santé. “CPAM, doctors, users, it needs to save time at all levels.”

    Health insurance wants to be reassured, especially if the user data security questions remain unanswered. “Personal health data contained in My Health Space is hosted on a server that meets the highest security standards in France.”

    After all, the main challenge is to develop ergonomic tools that are easily accessible to both users and healthcare professionals. “The goal is not to waste time,” explains Dr. Eric Van Melkebeke, head of the URPS Liberal Doctor. “If the service is incompatible with the various software used by medical professionals, it can be a problem.” Will the bet succeed? Correspondence until the end of 2022.