What is the use of protection insurance …

The principle is amazing,Liability insurance birth Do not cover the Injury I’m in pain driver In the event of an accident, in the event of an accident, or off the road (for whatever reason). surely, Other passengers car’s Covered Not just a third party.

This situation is for minor or serious injuries Medical bills do not have Not refundable For “problem” drivers. Does this mean that all costs are borne by the driver in question? it’s not. Social security Intervene Naturally in the classic way Hospitalization costs Provided byHospital insurance If you are a stakeholder, if you have one (this is also an option for mutual insurance companies).However, if an accident occurs How to workthis is’Employer insurance (Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance) Covers your needs.

What are your interests?

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So do you need to subscribe? Driver insurance As suggested by the company? Especially because it covers only the part that is not covered by the social security system.In fact, she obviously isn’t Useless In Case of Minor injury It does not require a large amount of cost and a large amount of financial intervention. In this case, the classic cover is fully functional to protect the driver.

on the other hand,Serious accident, This protection depends on the driver It stands to reasonbecause Amount at stake Justify your subscription on its own.Indeed, some cost Absolutely possible Surprisingly..As a necessary adaptation of housing following the consequences of the accident, and even Loss of income For those who can’t work.

Also, the health insurance fund is not alwaysComplete rehabilitation and Serious accident.. Me’Driver insurance So come completion the support Basic social security. Fortunately, it’s not a majority, but it’s not uncommon for certain accidents to occur. Compensation over 250,000 euros From insurance as part of this additional protection for the driver. The newspaper La Libre Belgique BelfiusThey are 400 files This type of treatment (serious accident with driver compensation) Every year, More than once a day!In this type of case, it is often due to an accident Permanent failure..

How much is the price?

corn Some It will take one Driver insurance ?? The price clearly variable one society To another, and the conditions of intervention.But overall, it’s a little less 40 euros With an insurance amount of 100,000 euros. If the insured wishes to double this amount, he would have to add about € 15 a year instead of doubling the premium.Therefore, to give the overall range, you need to count 35-75 euros Per year It depends on the cover you choose and the company you consider. Note that some insurers offer “good” drivers, that is, drivers with low bonus Mars levels and therefore considered to be the lowest risk.

the Number of people have Subscribed In one Driver insurance It depends on the company. However, this option is very popular, especially for young drivers. Perhaps are they aware that they represent greater risk?

Other drivers

The advantage of driver insurance is that it is not no name.. Therefore, if the vehicle is being driven by another person, driver east Always cover, This is obviously additional security. This coverage also applies to the insured or his / her family when driving a rental or replacement vehicle.

It should be noted that some insurance companies are further expanding the scope of this driver insurance.You can also cover it protect As a person Cyclist, pedestrian, or public transport user,However, Nominative.. There are many reasons to take on the cost of this “driver insurance” option. Because, as we know, accidents don’t just happen to others …