What is the reason for the increase in insurance benefits in the construction industry?


All construction professionals must be insured to cover the repair of damage caused to the work they have done. This is a 10-year insurance and all contractors have a legal obligation before the start of a new construction site. However, in recent years, premiums have increased overall, which is increasing in all areas. Craftsmen and construction specialists are generous. What is the reason for the increase in insurance benefits in the construction industry in 2022?

10-year insurance Law imposed on all construction craftsmenFrom contractors to architects, through masonry.This insurance benefit covers Compensation for damage to the building More than 10 years after delivery. Indeed, the damage associated with the obstacles observed in the work during this period will be covered without the risk of ruining the craftsman or company. Therefore, it is both a duty and a guarantee for all players in the construction sector.

However, raw material prices have skyrocketed over the last decade, especially in all areas. This is not without its impact on the final product. In addition, construction requirements are rising and the impact is clearly felt financially. This also affects the insurance sector. In fact, the offer from the insurance company is Improve response to new challenges and make customers more satisfied..

Therefore, we are witnessing an increase in 10-year insurance, which is compared to the previous year. Suffering from a 4% increase in 2022.. For example, considering the construction cost index released by the French Building Federation, it is up 3%. This inevitably affected 10-year insurance policies, which led to higher premiums.

In this context, when you get a construction site, you absolutely must have 10 years of insurance that fits the type of work you have to do. There are numerous providers on the market and you need to choose a 10-year insurance company that offers solutions within your wallet. This is despite rising premium rates during construction. The best insurance companies Providing high-quality services while considering creditworthiness..


Professional liability insurance, + 12%

Apart from the 10-year insurance, it is one of the insurance benefits that the liability for third party liability is also increasing. The latter is voluntary for craftsmen, but essential for all professionals who exercise or carry out regulated activities. Among other things, you can quote lawyers, doctors and architects. This is an important insurance as it allows you to repair damages caused to others in the course of your activity.is Caused damage You or one of your employees to a third party.

Due to the significant inflation observed in all sectors, premiums for professional liability insurance policies have also increased significantly. For example, the medical sector is paying for hospitalization and monitoring patients until recovery is becoming more and more expensive. To better face this new situation Professional liability insurance increased by 12%.. This creates a new fee that provides all guarantees of full compensation in the event of damage to a third party in the context of your professional activity.

Employee health insurance increased by 4%

Mutual health insurance is part of the employer’s obligations to employees.In a company, the employer Participate in employee health insurance premiums for at least 50% of the total amount.. In the event of an occupational accident, it is not the employee’s responsibility to take care of personal resources alone. It is your responsibility to participate in the costs arising from the care given to him for his recovery. Mutual health insurance is registered on the employee’s tax return.

2022, Mutual health insurance premiums increased by nearly 4% Due to hospital reforms and measures. It should be stated here that the contributions of mutual insurers will vary depending on the cost of the services they cover. Therefore, it can explain the increase in corporate health insurance premiums for several reasons, including soaring medical costs. There is also an aging population and the development of certain chronic diseases. Not to mention new taxes and regulations. The peak tax levied on mutual health insurance contracts between 2000 and 2019 is estimated to be approximately 3.2 billion. Regarding reform, Deployment of 100 reforms% And Covid tax..

Don’t forget to renegotiate your premises and vehicle warranty

Today, some architects have built their place of residence at work. This is often an advantage for them as long as they move frequently, and we believe that renting an office is not mandatory. In addition, as part of your activity, you use your car very often to travel, whether it’s your company’s or your personal means of transportation. It is fair to make sure that you have insurance that will help you use your property or vehicle for business purposes.

Local Pro Guarantee

Home insurance may seem inadequate when turning a building into a workplace for productivity.desirable In this case, take out professional multi-risk insurance To protect you from all possible dangers that may arise from the professional use of your place of residence. Insurance companies offer bespoke offers that take into account the needs associated with using the facility as a workspace. You will need to renegotiate your warranty by protecting yourself with offers such as:

  • Fire and flood insurance,
  • Warranty for electrical damage and stored equipment,
  • Guarantee of operating loss.

We combine these various offers to provide the guarantees required from a legal point of view. They also provide you with optional protection from your home to prevent risks in fulfilling your obligations. Mutual agreement with the insurance company allows you to determine the risk and adapt the guarantee to your needs in order to provide the best insurance.

Car insurance for builders

If you have professional liability insurance to cover any physical injuries inflicted by a third party while using your car, today make Additions to better meet new requirements.. In addition to preventing the risk of accidents, the vehicle itself may break down. It will be interesting to take precautions through new types of warranty, such as:

  • Breakdown support,
  • Warranty for replacement vehicles,
  • Glass breakage guarantee,
  • Insurance against theft and fire.

The list of guarantees is long. Therefore, to get the most out of your vehicle warranty, you need to renegotiate your vehicle warranty with your insurance company. Vehicles are an important work tool for construction craftsmen. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain the most favorable guarantees, whether the use is for professional or personal purposes. To do this, you need to look for solutions available on the market from an insurance perspective. The best team members to accompany you are not always the cheapest team members. We offer bespoke solutions at the best prices.