What is the most economical heating mode in 2021?


2021 economical heating mode

Wood stoves, gas condensing boilers, heat pumps … What is the most economical heating method in 2021? Take inventory.

Wood heating, the most economical energy

There are two main types of wood stoves: wood stoves and wood boilers.They are very economical Wood is still the cheapest fuel on the market.

Wood-burning stove

Wood stoves (or pellets) can significantly reduce heating costs.. The average cost of installation is equivalent to an investment of € 1,000-4,000, but it pays off quickly. This wood heating method, for example, makes it possible to heat a 100 square meter house at an average annual cost of 800 euros. This is a very economical price. However, wood stoves or pellet stoves generally do not act as the only heating mode, but as auxiliary heating because they cannot heat large areas.

Wood boiler

If you want to warm the whole house with wood, a wooden boiler is the ideal solution... Yes, it’s expensive to install, but this heating method can be a very profitable investment in the long run, as the entire house can be heated with wood. Some pellet boilers can also produce hot water for the entire home. This further reduces installation costs and optimizes heating costs.


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Heat pump, profitable and eco-friendly

Heat pumps use the calories present in the open air to generate energy. Next, the heat drawn from the surrounding air is injected into the heating circuit to heat the water in the radiator in the home. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly heating mode because it is clean and environmentally friendly.

For installation costs (6,000-10,000 euros), you can quickly make a profit with an average annual budget. Up to 900 euros for a 100 m² house and 530 euros for a 60 m² apartment. Heat pumps provide interesting efficiency. Consuming 1kWh of electrical energy restores the triple. Therefore, in this heating mode, the invoice can be split in two, for example compared to the consumption of an oil boiler.

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Gas Condensing Boiler, an alternative solution to the “classic” boiler

Gas condensing boilers are also interesting for heating homes while keeping costs down.. It burns natural gas to generate heat. Installation is one of the cheapest at first, and you need to connect to city gas to take advantage of it. Despite rising gas prices, choosing this heating method can be wise and economical, especially to replace the old and inefficient “classic” boilers.

Good to know
If your home is not connected to gas, an oil condensing boiler can be a good solution, but it is still expensive to install and use.

Inertial radiator for a well-insulated house

Electric heaters are very energy consuming and cannot heat large houses efficiently. Therefore, although the annual cost of use is particularly high and uneconomical in the long run, it may be attractive at first to be faster and cheaper to install than other devices.

If you still want to select this electric heating mode, Prefer inertial radiators if your home is well insulated.. They diffuse so-called soft heat, for example, cast iron, ceramic, or stone heating cores, thanks to electrical resistance or fluid. Heat is transferred continuously, slowly and efficiently without drying the air.

did you know ?
To find the most economical heating mode in 2021, it is not advisable to focus solely on the price of the installation and the performance of the device. Other criteria need to be taken into account: the insulation of your home, the need for your heating (whether additional heating, diffusion or immediate heat), your geographic location, etc.