What is included in Nicolas Dupont-Ignan’s economic program?

Return of ISF, abolition of point licenses, termination of wind turbines … Overview of Nicolas Dupont-Ignan’s economic program.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, an unsuccessful candidate in the 2007 and 2012 presidential elections with 1.79% and 4.70% of the votes cast, is running for the third time in the State Supreme Government.

Return of ISF, abolition of license with points, abolition of windmills … The president of “Debout la France”, who has been the vice president since 1997, is implementing a right-wing program centered on economic patriotism. He is a guest of Faire Réussirla France this Thursday and has the opportunity to consider the economic aspects of his program.

Wages and purchasing power

> Raise wages by 8%

Purchasing power is the main concern of the French in this presidential election. To make that progress, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to play for wages. Rather than simply raising the minimum wage, as suggested by almost all candidates, the former enarque wants to raise all salaries by 8%, up to three times the minimum wage.

Will it increase at no additional cost for the enterprise? “We reduce wage costs that make the difference between the net salary received by employees and the total salary paid by the company,” explains Nicolas Dupont-Ignan.

This reduction in salary costs will cost the state € 20 billion, but is “funded by the removal of millions of fake vital cards.” Similar reductions in social security contributions will be made for self-employed people.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan proposes specific ways to increase teacher salaries. A 20% automatic increase and an additional 20% salary increase in return for hours of tutoring.

> Family allowance

Candidates want to increase the number of family allowance beneficiaries by raising their income caps and making them accessible to family allowance recipients. Another novelty is that they will be paid from the first child.

Foreigners must live in the territory for at least five years to benefit from it. “I propose to remove all five years of social assistance from those who arrive in French land. Before they can get help, they must contribute five years through his work. That’s enough,” 2020. We confirmed the candidates on BFMTV in December.


> Restore ISF

Nicolas Dupont-Ignan wants to revive taxes on the Big Money (ISF) abolished by Emmanuel Macron, but with some changes. The candidate wants to exclude the main residence from the calculation so that all investments in companies and organizations producing in France can be deducted.

To be on the safe side, Emmanuel Macron abolished the ISF in 2018, but replaced the ISF with a tax on critical assets by creating a tax on real estate assets.


> Nuclear power plant promotion

The president of Deboutla France wants to keep nuclear power at 70% of electricity generation as it is today and abandon the goal of 50% of the energy mix by 2035. NicolasDupont-Aignan wants to continue and support his research. The aim is to find “clean” energy through two processes: a nuclear power plant that uses thorium as fuel and power generation by the fusion of hydrogen.

Candidates claim that they are “not irreproducible.” For solar, for example, he believes this source could be interesting if French businessmen could invent a new generation of solar panels. This is because solar panels are imported in large quantities.

> Removal of wind turbines

Meanwhile, candidates are strongly opposed to wind power. “We must put an end to our wind turbines, which corrupt the landscape, which is a funding pump for economic gain,” he said on a set on BFMTV in July.


> At the bedside of VSE and SME

The president of Debout la France wants to “save the French SMEs”. To this end, he wants to make sure they are well represented, so he wants to appoint a small business manager to the post of Minister of Economy.

In the details of his program, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan proposes to simplify existing legislation and promises not to introduce taxes or additional standards to facilitate daily life.

We also want to create a window specially reserved for them at the Chamber of Commerce level to support their administrative procedures and provide legal assistance.

Finally, especially for VSE, we will offer a loan microcredit of € 5,000 to € 15,000 directly accessible from Bpi France.

> Encourage reinvestment of profits in France

To “reward business leaders who promote employment in France,” Nikola Dupont Aignan grants production tax credits to companies that reinvest their profits in French land. Specifically, corporate tax will be halved.

> Encourage the employment of the unemployed

Employers are exempt from the five-year cost of hiring long-term unemployed people with more than one million French on perpetual contracts. A major with an estimated cost of 3 billion euros.


> “Universal Employment Contract”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan plans to enter into employment contracts with young people for the long-term unemployed. Specifically, this universal contract provides part-time “general interest” activities in community service in exchange for reintegration benefits.

In this way, the candidate will take an overview of the youth contract, which will officially launch on March 1, but will increase access to the unemployed.

In addition, with the idea of ​​always involving the French without activity, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to impose a task of general interest to the beneficiaries of RSA one day a week for the community. ..

> 1 million apprentices

Sexagenarians want to promote learning and aim to train one million apprentices each year by the end of their five-year term. A measure of the continuity of decisions made by the current administration. Labor Minister Elizabeth Borne welcomed 718,000 young people who entered the apprenticeship in 2021 a few weeks ago. This is an “absolute record”.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is one of the only candidates who do not want to change their retirement age and contribution period. We would like to at least add an indicator of inflation to the amount of pensions so that they increase “fairly every year.”

Candidates for “Deboutla France” actually want to apply the existing reforms of Balladur in 1993. But in fact, indexing inflation is no longer systematic in order to save money.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan collects contributions from workers who have changed jobs and by abolishing Aspa, an allowance paid to low-income seniors for all foreigners who have not contributed in France for more than 10 years. , Will fund this system.

In addition, Debout la France candidates expect to increase the number of contributors thanks to their ambitious family policy.

theme of inheritance tax I was unexpectedly forced into this presidential election.Nicolas Dupont-Aignan approaches Already in 2016 this topic, Proposing “total abolition of inheritance tax on main residences”. “If we save all our lives for a small house, we should be able to give it to our children,” he explains.

We also want to promote intergenerational business transfer by exempting the current 75% from inheritance and gift taxes of 90% of its value.


> Renovation

On the energy refurbishment element, Nicolas Dupont-Ignan wants to maintain the MaPrime Renov system created during Macron’s five-year term, but “doubles the budget” to “3 billion euros”. From to 6 billion euros.

Candidates are actually confusing the budgets of MaPrime Renov’and the National Housing Agency (Anah). Last year, more than 750,000 applications were submitted, benefiting from financial support for the work. In 2022, Anna is betting on the renovation of 800,000 homes.

> Buying a home in a rural area

To help the French find homes and repopulate the countryside, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan intends to create a “public housing fund” that will be used to buy back poorly-conditioned homes in rural areas. ..

These accommodations are file-assigned to French people who are not yet owners. Two conditions: I promise to live there for 10 years with volunteers to restore it. At the end of this period, residents can become the owner of the property, or public funds will regain it.


“French agriculture is at stake, and with it […] Nicolas Dupont-Aignan describes it as “the future of our rural structure.” To protect farmers, he specifically proposes to abolish contributions to agricultural and social security and support the establishment of young people by establishing a 50% public guarantee for the first loan.


> Car

With a driver’s license, the candidate wants to remove the point system he considers to be a “gas plant.” We also want to provide each young person with a driver’s license pass during the three-month civil service.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan has a very populist program on subjects that affect drivers. He supports the “Yellow Vest” movement and intends to return to reducing the speed of sector roads, which came into force in July 2018 and has received much criticism from demonstrators, to 80 km / h.

He also wants to eliminate the Low Emission Zone (ZFE), where vehicles classified as Crit-air 3 (or higher) can no longer circulate to reduce pollution. According to him, these ZFEs “prevent 70% of fellow drivers from entering big cities.”

Candidate Permel opposes city tolls, eliminates taxes on company cars and cars produced in France, and wants to “stop tax hype” by nationalizing highways. I am.