What is included in Marine Le Pen’s economic program

RN candidates make several economic proposals, with a particular focus on national priorities and low tax rates for young people and SMEs.

After qualifying for the second round in 2017, Marine Le Pen is leading the third and probably final presidential election this year. If he wins on April 24, candidates for the National Union promise to break policies considered too liberal by Emmanuel Macron. An overview of the main economic measures of representatives of the nationalist camp.


Like most candidates, eMarine LePen promises a salary increase during its five-year term. To do this, the employer is exempt from a 10% salary increase for those who have earned up to 3 Smics. According to her, this encourages companies to take action in the context of a recovery in inflation.

RN candidates also plan to increase salaries for teachers and nursing staff, especially by eliminating 10% of hospital managers. However, the program does not provide details on the scope of these reassessments. The only sign: the increase in caregivers will be part of the € 20 billion emergency care support program.

Work / employment

Employment themes are rarely covered in Marine Le Pen’s programs. But the latter opposed Emmanuel Macron’s unemployment insurance reforms and considered them “stupid, shameful and worthless.” If you can expect to rethink this reform, the project does not contain any suggestions on this subject.

In a broader sense, the far-right candidate promises to “ensure the national priority of access to employment” without revealing details. On the other hand, we are proposing specific measures for young people. Creating a training check for apprentices, apprentices and their employers for € 200-300 per month.


On the explosive issue of pensions, Marine Le Pen guarantees that you will refuse to extend your retirement age. On the contrary, it is rather planning to lower it. If she had previously considered her retirement at the age of 60 and everyone had a pension of 40, her candidate was forced to consider her project and was criticized in her camp.

Finally, for French people who started working before the age of 20, we propose a gradual retirement system that reserves a retirement at the age of 60 with a 40 pension. Therefore, those who start working between the ages of 17 and 20 will be able to benefit from the full rate with a pension of 60 to 40, which means the benefits of a job of two years or more (…). Detailed Marine Le Pen. For those who start working between the ages of 20 and 24.5, she adds, “a progressive system of 160-168 quarters of contribution will be implemented” for the departure “between the ages of 60.75 and 62”. rice field. To RN.

Beyond age issues, those who appear in polls in a good position to access the second round promise to reindex inflation pensions and revalue the minimum old age to € 1000 per month. increase.


Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term symbol, the Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI), which replaced the ISF, will be modified if Marine Le Pen wins. This criticizes IFI for taxing “rooting”. Instead, it proposes the Financial Wealth Tax (IFF), which “has the same tax rate and the same threshold as the old ISF, but is exempt from the main residence.”

Most of Marine Le Pen’s tax measures are specifically aimed at “supporting the family” and preventing the escape of talent. Therefore, she not only “exempts income tax so that all young workers up to the age of 30 can stay in France and start a family here”, but also “start a business under the age of 30 in the first five years”. We promise to eliminate corporate tax on homes. ” Please avoid leaving abroad. “

The full tax burden is also levied on the second child. Today, the first full share applies to the third dependent, and the first two each represent a half share. Young French families can also take advantage of a 0% interest loan that is “converted to a subsidy for a couple with a third child”.

To free up purchasing power for the home, Marine Le Pen also plans to remove the € 138 TV license fee by privatizing public broadcasting. Finally, we intend to combat fraud by establishing a ministry responsible for combating all types of fraud (taxes, contributions, social interests, imports, agreements, etc.).

Inheritance right

Marine Le Pen makes two proposals for inheritance rights, which is the central subject of the presidential election. Candidate RN has promised to completely abolish taxes on direct inheritance of “low-income households and the middle class.” It is not yet known what she means exactly by the “middle class”.

Another suggestion: Exempt donations from grandparents to children and grandchildren, as well as donations from parents, up to € 100,000 every 10 years. Currently, each parent can give a child up to € 100,000 without paying a gift tax, but only every 15 years. For grandparents, the allowance is limited to € 31,865 and for great-grandparents it is limited to € 5,310.

Business / competitiveness

When it comes to businesses, Marine Le Pen is intended to support small and medium-sized structures first and foremost. Therefore, it will prioritize SMEs for public contracts and abolish Business Property Contributions (CFEs) that “penalize VSEs and SMEs”. Corporate Social Responsibility (C3S) will also be abolished in “must create jobs” and “relocation areas”.

In the same logic, subsidies are conditional on “creating jobs under regional planning policies.” To support innovative companies, RN candidates are also proposing to “increase the rewards of French savings and create a French sovereign wealth fund to direct it to the strategic sector and innovation.” ..

Finally, Marine Le Pen promises to “consider a free trade agreement that protects the economy from unfair competition and does not respect the interests of France.”


When Marine Le Pen joins Elysee, the highway will be nationalized, tolls will be reduced by 15% and the purchasing power of drivers will be restored. According to her, the measure will also allow the state’s financial resources to be bailed up to € 1.5 billion annually.


When it comes to employment, Marine Le Pen wants to apply national priorities to access to social housing. “All French, whether from France or those with French nationality, must be able to benefit from the national priority of housing,” she explained last September, and immigrant households today. He added that he is an “HLM tenant twice as often as other households.”

In fact, 80.5% of HLM’s 4.72 million households are nonimmigrants, according to an INSEE survey. Immigrants (thus, which make up about 18.5% of HLM tenants) still make up the majority, as RN candidates suggest, if these numbers are from 2013 and may have changed since then. Is not … Even if it is true that this population is overestimated for its weight in the general population, it is especially often due to its low standard of living.

Finalists for the 2017 election also plan to build 100,000 social housing units annually, including 20,000 for students and young workers. This 100,000 target is almost in line with the level already achieved today (104,800 public housing in 2021), even below the current government target of 120,000. I am.

Finally, Marine Le Pen’s housing program stipulates the start of an “effectively supported housing rehabilitation plan” and the creation of a “rent guarantee fund to protect landlords”.


In connection with soaring energy prices, Marine Le Pen’s presidential program is to reduce the VAT of energy products (fuel, fuel oil, gas, electricity) from 20% to 5.5% “as the first need for commodities”. I promise. It also offers a withdrawal from the European electricity market “to find a decent price”.

This continental market is often chosen in practice because the price of electricity is determined not by the cost of production, but by the marginal cost of its production. However, since most of the electricity in the European Union is produced on fossil fuels, rising prices for gas and coal affect the cost of producing electricity, but in France it is still produced at low cost thanks to nuclear power. I am.

Marine Le Pen is in favor of the revival of the hydro and hydrogen sectors as well as the nuclear sector. On the other hand, it is a declaration of war on wind turbines. If it wins in April next year, it plans to shut down all ongoing wind power projects and gradually dismantle existing parks to “return $ 5 billion in subsidies to households,” mostly wind. The turbine is paid exactly.


When it comes to agriculture, Marine Le Pen says he wants to “guarantee farmers a price that pays homage to their work and put an end to the abusive margins of large retailers.” ..

Candidates for Elysée also want to provide farmers with more opportunities by having the cafeteria use 80% of French produce. Finally, she promises to fight unfair competition by banning the import of agricultural products that do not meet French production standards.