What is included in Christiane Taubila’s economic program?

Revaluation of minimum wages, taxation of large sums, rent management … Christiane Taubila’s economic proposal.

SMIC’s net revaluation of € 1,400, taxation of big bucks, and even rent management: Christiane Taubila, a candidate for the presidential election invested by Popular Primary, advances her economic proposal.

Wage / purchasing power

Christiane Taubila wants to revalue SMIC “immediately” to a net € 1400. In addition, when he arrived at Elysee, a “meeting on low wages” was organized “under his authority”. Companies that refuse to raise wages have identified the program as “no longer receiving public assistance and benefiting from the exemption from social contributions.”

For young people, regardless of their parents’ income, they want to pay students a monthly income of € 800 per month for five years so that they can follow their studies without having to work to raise their funds. thinking about. We also plan to expand RSA from the age of 18 to resource-poor youth.

In addition, Christiane Taubira has introduced a monthly food check of € 150 for the “most discreet family” subject to the Means test, and VAT on products from organic farming to “make access”. I would like to reduce it to 0%. Healthy and high quality food. “


To combat the “Uberization” of certain occupations and the “abuse” use of self-employed status, Christiane Taubila has “same work” to “same rights” (maternity leave, retirement, daily allowance). Request to give access. Whatever the worker’s status, she promises that the platform will no longer be a “lawless zone.”


To confirm that France has become an “ultra-rich tax haven,” Christiane Taubila wants to tax a fortune thanks to “taxing extreme wealth.” 100 million euros, 3% when over 1 billion euros. “This tax will generate over 20 billion new revenues,” says the candidate’s program.

She also wants to introduce a 0.1% tax on speculation at the European level. This will bring her “50 billion euros to the EU and 10 billion euros to France.”

Inheritance right

Christiane Taubila wants to bequeath up to € 200,000 without paying taxes, compared to today’s € 100,000, “regardless of the source of direct or indirect inheritance.” She also removed the tax loopholes that would allow some of these inheritance taxes to be avoided, as inheritance taxes “benefit the rich above all else” and add “10 billion euros” in public income. I hope to produce.


Christiane Taubila wants to set up a “universal rental guarantee” that allows the state to “replace difficult tenants” in the event of unpaid debt. This measure will be covered by the “city solidarity contribution” imposed on the sale of goods in excess of € 15,000 per square meter. We also want to generalize rent management and increase housing assistance (APL) for public housing at minimum rent (PLAI).

In addition, the application wants the state to fund 80% of thermal renovation work for low-income households, compared to the current 35%, as part of the “My Prime Renov Quiet” scheme. I’m out. A zero-rate loan for “Global Refurbishment of Thermal Sheaves” will complete this system and will cost € 16 billion annually.


When it comes to pensions, Christiane Taubila hasn’t said much so far. “Retirement is not an accounting issue. It is a matter of justice. We have to reform for a long career, for difficult work, for the most vulnerable people in our country. “Hmm,” she declared. By tweet..

Business / competitiveness

Candidates focus public and European aid on decarbonization, new mobility, or drinking digital energy, and by qualifying a company’s “environmental commitment” with “specific public aid.” We want to accelerate the “ecological transition of companies”. There is also a need for a “relocation plan” for the textile, automotive and pharmaceutical industries to combat “import emissions” and “employment re-creation”.

In addition, if Christiane Taubila wins, a 4% tax on dividends paid by the company to shareholders will be introduced from € 10 million.

To help young people carry out their activities, it proposes to give “project capital” up to 20,000 euros. “Agence des Jeunesses de France”, which belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education, will be in charge of research on these projects.


Christiane Taubila wants to ban the sale of hot cars by 2030, doubling the ecology bonus paid for low-income households when buying a car with low CO2 emissions. She also wants to raise insurance taxes on contaminated vehicles and raise highway tolls for the most polluted vehicles such as non-electric SUVs.

A € 500 million annual Bicycle Fund will be created to “support community investment in new city mobility”. In addition, the candidate wants to recirculate the “small train line”.


Christiane Taubira wants to build a system that “reduces” organic farmers’ debt and introduces taxes on nitrogen fertilizers, in addition to 0% VAT on organic products. She also plans that she will ban cage farming and “get out of factory livestock”.


Christiane Taubila personally said he was “not in favor” of nuclear power because of radioactive waste, but promised a referendum asking the French if they wanted to get out of nuclear power.

On the other hand, in order to “improve people’s living environment”, the candidate proposes “a level where water, gas and electricity consumption are free”. Beyond that, there will be “progressive taxation to limit and limit consumption.”

Jeremy Bruno BFMTV journalist