What is guaranteed by home insurance?

Your choice of housing contract depends on many criteria: the nature and size of the accommodation, yours Personal needs In relation to your lifestyle, the value of the property that must be covered, and additional options for dealing with specific risks in your area …

Why do I need to take out home insurance?

For many individuals, having home insurance is simply a must! Indeed, insurance is not an option as far as tenants and co-owners are concerned. Enforced regulations require you to join (at least) a basic contract. Cover civil liabilityThat is, damage caused to a third party when requested at the occupied accommodation, which may affect other assets. However, the owner of the individual residence (house) is not affected.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that even individuals who have the option of taking out insurance be protected from a variety of risks. In the event of a fire, flood, or theft with deterioration, the cost of refurbishing an asset and replacing lost property can be very high. It is often inaccessible in modest homes. The possibility of getting a refund, even if only partially, is already a significant advance in itself …

Therefore, it is customary for residential residents to enroll in so-called multi-risk contracts, which can benefit from standard compensation for the most frequent risks. This agreement includes several integrated guarantees and you may choose additional optional guarantees on a case-by-case basis.

Warranty generally included in the basic contract

For all insurers, the basic guarantees for multi-risk contracts, on the one hand, include guarantees for key risks in addition to compulsory civil liability (Flood damageTheft, vandalism, fire, bad weather).

  • Public responsibility: Its role is to compensate neighbors and other third parties affected by the disaster that began in your home. This compulsory warranty is especially useful if a fire spreads to the floor or a large leak floods the apartment below.
  • Flood damage: Given that faucet or pipe rupture is the most frequent claim, this is an essential guarantee and is always integrated into the basic contract. Insurers offer extensions that include fa├žade penetration and rising moisture.
  • fire: This warranty covers the damage caused by the fire in your home and can be extended to include the electrical damage caused by the failed equipment. However, be aware that some contracts only cover fire damage. Check this out and take in smoke damage for added protection.
  • robbery: Indispensable in big cities and tourist destinations. This warranty covers not only theft at the property, but also vandalism. Several formulas have been proposed to determine the maximum amount to be repaid. In luxury homes, insurance companies need security measures (alarms, complex locks, bars) to trigger warranty.
  • Broken glass: This warranty relates to windows broken by the jet of projectiles. It is also possible that the window broke during an attempted theft, only if nothing was stolen. Otherwise, the previous warranty will be valid.
  • bad weather: This is a roof or window damaged by a flood of houses, hail or windthrows, or Landslide Or an avalanche. If the property is in a “risk area”, you need to select a specific option.

Additional warranty for bespoke contracts

You can also choose a special guarantee for your specific needs through your insurance policy.For example, guaranteeing garden furniture Swimming pool facilitiesWarranty of certain particularly valuable animals (jewelry, painting), Warranty of all electronics and home automation solutions, Guarantee of garden sheds or DIY workshops on the same land separate from the house …

By adding a warranty for these options, you may benefit from a truly customized and personalized contract that is 100% responsive to your situation. When signing a contract, it is up to you to decide which guarantees are important to you in order to benefit from the optimal coverage.

(By the editorial staff of hREF agency)