What do you do for insurance?

In France, animals are legally considered to belong to no one. Damage caused by a collision with a car is a special case. explanation.

Good day is back holiday I can feel it.Opportunity Taken Explore his car and some beautiful places in our country.

Unfortunately, the farther away you are from the city, the more you can do. encounter Surprisingly.Deer, wild boar and roe deer are every year originally Many accidents.

But what to do insurance How is compensation handled in the event of a collision?

Report the accident to the police

When you meet a wild animal past At the moment we often have this Reflexes To avoid contact.Unfortunately, if that is not possible Sufficient It is better to anticipate shock and not try the following operations Avoidance Animal’s.It can certainly be much more terrible For people in the car.

It is absolutely necessary after the accident protect place.What is important To the place Triangular display board 200 meters Upstream.Notify me when this is done authorities.

Two possibilities: police service or gendarmerie 112 and 17. They are what to do Minutes.. Finally, if the animal is injured, To heal him yourself.He may have a reaction Violent defense.

Declare an accident to your insurance company for compensation

Not everyone is in the face of this kind of unexpected event Containment With the same sign.depends on Contract Insurance you have I subscribed. For insured cost Related to repairing your car up to what is planned In the contract Similar to medical expenses incurred by an accident It is supported.

That’s enough for this Send Accident report to insurance company by registered mail 5 days Open from Of the date the incident’s.

double Accident declaration made to authorities explanation In particular, you need to add events that include dates, times, exact locations, accident conditions (weather, speed, travel objectives, passenger names).

If you are not insured, you do not have none compensation.The only chance of getting help is for passengers I got hurt During the incident.In this case it is you Own Compulsory car insurance to cover him.

Must be done here as well statement Please add the same documents to the insurance company within 5 business days from the date of the accident.

In which case is the penalty applied?

Good news.If the situation is unpredictable and external, the collision with the animal is In the case of force majeure.

in short, penalty Cannot be imposed by Your insurance company. However, be careful.If you can’t Prove When an animal has attacked you, especially when you can escape through testimony, photos, etc. penalty Applies to you.

So don’t forget to respect procedure Various steps to remember nothing.

Please be careful if you have insurance To a third party. Indeed, it only covers the damage you would have caused elsewhere driver.

Therefore, animals do not fit This categoryCannot be compensated.

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