What are we waiting for when energy conversion becomes an economic asset? -editorial


The geopolitical crisis and soaring energy prices reveal France’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. However, the energy situation experienced by the country affects not only industry and productivity, but also French households with 6 million people in fuel poverty. Renewable energies, especially wind power, save significantly as well as state savings when public authorities have to mobilize funds to protect purchasing power through mechanisms that manage integration into the energy market. Allows you to generate new income in France. “Solar and wind are buying power”: Green Energy is currently contributing billions of euros to France’s budget and is a sector that urges the country to benefit from France and accelerate the introduction of renewable energy. Is calculating the representative of. Through 2021 and 2022, these two sources of energy should save or contribute more than € 14 billion to the country’s finances.

The average electricity price was € 231 / MWh in the first quarter of 2022, after the average price in 2021 was € 108.83 / MWh, and the average price before COVID was € 50 / MWh. However, in the case of renewable energy, especially wind power, this significant increase in electricity prices is actually reflected in the state’s budget savings, which will also be reflected in 2022 by additional revenue from additional compensation. If the market price is lower than the target price set at the time of awarding the project, the state will pay the producer an additional reward. Conversely, if the market price is high, it is the producer who pays the difference to the country. At this rate, wind power was supposed to repay “everything it received since 2003,” or € 11 billion, by the end of 2024. This sector is estimated by market analysts and Commission de Régulation (Cre).

The amount of CSPE (Contribution to Public Power Services) was assessed by the CRE in July 2021 before the crisis and increased to a total of € 9.1 billion. CSPE thus programmed provided a € 1.8 billion share of wind energy and a € 2.9 billion share of solar energy. However, this revision, based on data from July 2021 onwards, should be updated to account for the sharp rise in electricity prices. Therefore, take into account that wind power contributes significantly to the profits of the country’s budget. Through additional reward mechanisms for eight consecutive months: In December 2021 alone, wind power paid the state € 600 million. Based on the fairly conservative assumption that the average annual electricity rate for 2022 is 220 euros / MWh, the CSPE for renewable energy is 5.15 billion instead of the CRE’s forecast of 8.8 billion euros in the July 2021 review. It will be euro. Therefore, the share of support for wind power, estimated by CRE to be € 1.3 billion in July 2021, will be zero, with a surplus of even € 3.7 billion. Similarly, the € 3 billion CRE planned solar energy support is only € 100 million, releasing an additional euro of nearly € 3 billion. Therefore, wind and solar power will be available for the 2022 state budget at € 7.9 billion.

If France respects the PPE trajectory (multi-year energy programming) set for wind power, the state will receive an estimated net income of € 18 billion by 2035. Therefore, renewable energy can mechanically reduce electricity prices in France. In addition to participating in price control financing, it is also a source of income for the state. The sector is proposing that homes redistribute these credits “to help protect the most vulnerable people from energy shocks.” “We need to’return the church to the center of the village.’ Thanks to renewable energy, we can curb the rise in electricity prices in France,” said Jean-Yves Grandier, a pioneer in Barolem. say. Sector. Wind power is a particularly far-right target, and Marine Le Pen even demands a moratorium to “demolition” the park. Emmanuel Macron supports his role in renewable energy, solar energy and wind power, especially at sea, but his ambitions for onshore wind are low. Meanwhile, he is pleased to be able to replace the coal from the thermal power plant imported from South Africa with North American wood chips. Walk backwards.

“First you need to know what you want, then you need the courage to say it. Then you need the energy to do it.” Georges Clemenceau

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