What are the risks of driving without insurance?

All cars need to be insured. Driving without insurance can result in fines or serious penalties in the event of an accident.

A Car insurance We will cover you in case of damage or accidents.Mandatory, but some drivers Ride without insurance This will relate to their 1% in France! This is what they are exposed to.

Driving without insurance, a big risk to your finances

Who does Drive without insurance Not only are you in an illegal situation, but you run the risk of having to pay a lot in the event of an accident.

Fine without insurance

Driving without insurance is a fined crime € 3,750, According to the highway code article L324-2. This penalty may be accompanied by additional penalties such as suspension.License cancellation Or even Vehicle confiscation..

However, under certain conditions, fixed detailed steps can be implemented. The fixed fine is € 500, but if the settlement occurs within 15 days it will be reduced to € 400 and increased after 45 days.

Driving without insurance

Riding without insurance increases the risk – © trendobjects

In case of repeated violations, continuing to drive without insurance can result in a heavy fine of up to € 7,500, which may result in the cancellation of your driver’s license or the confiscation of your vehicle.

Starting October 2019, all insured vehicles are listed in the insured vehicle file, which is the same file.Then you will be fined Lack of insurance If the license plate is not in this file, when read by a radar or plate recognition device.
To drive Uninsured vehicleTherefore, you can get a fine without police check!

If you do not have insurance, you will need to take a road safety awareness course at your own expense. Also, if you have vehicle insurance, you will be considered a driver. At risk ” therefore, Higher premium.. Some companies may even refuse to insure your car.

You are uninsured and you Victim of the accidentThe only way to be compensated is to file a personal claim with the opposite insurance company.And if you are recognized The person responsible for the accident, You will have to indemnify the victim in full.

If you used narcotics, or Drive without a license..

In case of physical injury (injury or death of someone), the victim and his vehicle will be covered by the Compulsory Non-life Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO). You will have to repay the fine for years, or even borrow for a lifetime!

Driving without insurance is a crime

The Highway Code requires all land vehicles to be insured.Even if your car doesn’t drive or rarely drives, you have to Provide insurance It can still be damaged, stolen, or fire.

Some companies offer insurance at low prices Stationary vehicle For a car that never drives.

Default accident insurance

If an accident happens, you risk a lot! – © Dmitry Kalinovsky

During the check, you have to Prove that your car is insured.. This is the role of a butterfly, a small green piece of paper on the windshield of a vehicle. If it is not up to date or is missing, you will be fined € 35.
You also need to submit Insurance green card For police checks. If you do not have one, you must show it to the police station within 5 days. If you do not show it, you will be fined € 135.

You received Fine if you don’t have insurance While you are insured? The plate may have been misread or you may have provided the insurance with the wrong license plate.
Please check the details of your insurance card.you can Challenge the fine onlineWith ANTAI (National institution for the automatic processing of crime).

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