“What are Melenconist scholars for economics and Laurt for medicine?”


French University said: It votes for the New Ecologic and Social People’s Union (Nupes)!In the column published in JDDDozens of economists, sociologists and professors from our public education, in fact, Jean-Luc Melenchon and his socialist and environmentalist sliffer caught up in the magma of disobedience. Called to vote for. Melenchon, who stubbornly attacked the authors of these lines by name at his meeting in Khan (June 8, last year), in front of a laughing crowd, my rigorous diagnosis of his delicate program regarding its abilities. My supporter pointed out that it couldn’t be worth anything. cause ? My weak academic qualifications compared to what the signers of famous forums can claim …

In this respect, Melenchon is correct. I am not a researcher and my dissertation is not complete. I preferred to create a state-independent business that was completely free. Simply put, with a basic knowledge of practical epistemology, he knows that the value of disputation is valued regardless of who advances it: The Nobel Prize in Physics is flat on Earth. If you insist, it remains likely that she is not. This does not mean that the diploma is worthless (one, huge), but it does not completely guarantee ability or honesty.

This point became apparent during the coronavirus crisis. Didier Laurt, a professor of medicine and economics, says Covid-19 is looking for a vaccine against the virus, a disease that Hydroxychloroquine has cured only a few Chinese. Was useless … When a journalist who borrowed rigor and common sense pointed out to him that he had the nasty habit of systematically making mistakes, he shook his diploma and responded. Academic references.

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Melenchon is just as well as his supporters who want to free France from the neoliberalism that overwhelms France with taxes, regulations and “branches”. They are scholars, so everything is good! Beyond the weaknesses of the debate, two additional points can be emphasized. First, this view of the public debate is completely aristocratic. Therefore, by lifelong statute, there will be a true trustee. Regardless of experience or conflict with reality, diplomas bring real income. Here we return to the old regime of thinking. Obviously, Insoumis kept the fear of robespielists beyond the principle from the revolution. Indeed, sociologist Bernard Friot, one of the forum’s signatories, theorized lifetime salary. Rewards are attached to people and are no longer benefits or successes. Welcome to the 17th century!


Second, economics cannot be studied in the undergraduate corridors alone, especially in universities, especially in countries where the social sciences are firmly anchored to the far left or far left. It’s terrible to say, but most college economics professors don’t know the world of business. They have mastered the ISLM model but do not know what the working capital requirements are. Ultimately, Melenchon was not found in academia, and in French public education, less than 200 supporters could almost compare to mediocre performance.

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Basically, this text is JDDAvailable online, does not address the current macroeconomic problem, the stagflation problem. On the contrary, the resurgence of consumption advocated by Nupes, which confronts supply constraints caused by pandemics and wars in Ukraine, will highlight these difficulties. With regard to shortening working hours, the situation of labor shortage will soon lead to a recession. But there is no question about it. Putting taxes, bans, regulations, public institutions in front of private institutions, and nations in front of civil society: these are the obsessions of our teachers. They have all the rights. Simply put, you don’t need a PhD to hate freedom so much. The hatred for liberal democracy, the European Union, and the United States is sufficient.



Dominique Reynier is a university professor at Sciences Po and Managing Director of the Foundation for Political Innovation on December 6, 2015.By Dominique Reynier, a university professor at Sciences Po in Paris and managing director of the Foundation for Political Innovation

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