WeCrashed on AppleTV +: A puzzled record of an economic blunder

Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway are confidently embodying Adam and Rebekah Neumann, a symbolic couple of mismanagement of American startup WeWork. Their unlikely story is told in the We Crashed miniseries. But where is the self-ridicule? A review of this work with endless episodes.

In 2019, coworking firm WeWork fired CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann after 12 years of suspicious financial odyssey. How did he come this fall of an empire and entrepreneur who is so convinced of himself that he burned his wings, like the modern narcissistic Icarus?It’s all about WeCrashed, A new product on the Apple TV + platform. This mini-series is based on a podcast of the same name broadcast by Wondery in the United States, with ambitious young Israeli Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah Neumann following him on all his projects. It depicts a fascinating portrait of Neumann. A naive love story with devastating economic consequences for a company that was once worth $ 47 billion.

Unicorn and pixie dust

Yes WeCrashed Starting with WeWork’s decline from the first few minutes, it doesn’t take long to return to Adam Neumann’s daily life 12 years ago. At the time, a 30-year-old was a miserable seller of all kinds of products, from baby knee pads to fragile heels. At the same time, he took an economics class, where he met his financial partner and most loyal friend, Miguel McKelvie.

Before embarking on WeWork’s adventures, they first set up Greendesk, a coworking space with green accents. As luxury investors in refurbished buildings, they were able to realize their dream of being a coworking company with offices around the world and betting millions of dollars.

WeWork Founder Starts Up in Broom Closet // Source: Apple TV +

But in the first episode, it’s easy to see that Adam Neumann is just a unicorn. Fantastic animals are even at the heart of the series’ wacky credits. It must be said that Israeli entrepreneurs are often placed on pedestals and are the subject of spectacular comparisons. WeCrashed Set out to pinpoint the other side of this Perlin pin pin powder.

Full-scale version of Parma Show

Adam Neumann is then introduced as a selfish and lazy man who is good at selling and talking. He knows how to persuade and manipulate the audience, no one doubts it. However, the actual work behind WeWork is fairly guaranteed by his collaborators. Even his romantic interaction is painstaking. On his first date with Rebeka, he probably forgets his purse and appears three-quarters late. However, the two lovers have a passionate relationship, and they spend time convincing themselves that they are stars, supernovae. Rebekah is also regarded as the soul of a company that stimulates luck in “Namaste” and yoga classes.

The duo creates selfishness and individualism, destroying everything around us, including ourselves. But their entrepreneurship will make millions of dollars on WeWork. Obviously, their couple is disgusted and we are very regularly plagued by their constant lack of perspective. Their overconfidence in them is such that the series is sometimes embarrassing. I am amazed at the ridiculous desires of Rebekah and Adam Neumann compared to those of St├ęphane and Daniel. feature Of the latest Palma show movie. The only problem is, against the humorous duo comedy, WeCrashed The character is not very self-deprecating, and the overall serious tone is sometimes embarrassing. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry because of this announced blunder.

WeCrashed on AppleTV +: A puzzled record of an economic blunder
Despite a slightly caricature performance, Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway wear We Crashed // Source: Apple TV +

Queen Anne Hathaway

This turmoil is fueled by the performance of the series’ executive producers Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in this tragic tandem role.of Dallas Buyers Club and Suicide squadThe leader of the Thirty Seconds to Mars group had already proved his talent for an impressive transformation. He tries to prove it again here, and it is true that his face is unrecognizable. But the English accents of his caricature, cutting with a knife, and his overkill can’t really be convinced. Indeed, Adam Neumann was very eccentric. However, the measures adopted by Jared Leto, who have significantly enhanced the prosthesis and make-up, seem a bit imbalanced.

On his side, Anne Hathaway spits out welcoming humor and offsets her personality.ActressInterstellar With The Dark Knight Rises It manages to feel compassionate sympathy for this ambitious woman. Her acting fascinates us thanks to her perfect simplicity and delicacy. This confirms that the actress’s great talent blends into every role.

A tasteless story

WeCrashed The art of catchy storytelling, the original soundtrack including all the trendy titles of the time from MGMT to Katie Perry, the fascinating pitch of paper … but on the screen, everything still suffers from an obvious lack. I’m original. The eight episodes of the season are clearly not unforgettable due to the confusing narration. If the numbers announcing WeWork’s success or failure parade in front of you at an astonishing speed, it’s even harder to really understand the mechanism.

WeCrashed on AppleTV +: A puzzled record of an economic blunder
Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto are a crazy and excessive couple // Source: Apple TV +

The miniseries touch on many subjects without actually digging into them. The third episode deals, for example, with the attacks women face every day in a very masculine workplace. At this point, WeWork’s flashy veneers begin to crack, but with no effect. WeCrashed We make important observations about the position of women in the financial world and the internalized sexism of certain women, such as Rebekah. However, all of these themes remain on the surface and end the series without an explanation of the company’s failure. Result: The story is unflavored and it is difficult to invest in the events displayed on the screen. WeCrashed It doesn’t crash completely, but it only saves a small amount of complete mistakes.

First three episodes of WeCrashed Already available on Apple TV +. The rest of the season will be broadcast every Friday at a rate of one episode.


Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto are a crazy and excessive couple // Source: Apple TV +


Their love stories are beautiful, passionate, and above all, worth billions. WeCrashed We are particular about the romance of Adam and Rebekah Neumann. Two entrepreneurs with megalomania as great as their desires. Together, they will find WeWork, a collaborative company that will lose thousands of dollars daily. The miniseries delve into the economic mystery of this defeat, but stay on the surface of the issues raised and really struggle to fascinate. A catchy soundtrack, 2010s relevance analysis, and Anne Hathaway’s compelling interpretation remain.

If you want to see an interesting series on the economy and its challenges, you can go your way. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for the often-forgotten entertainment of episode 8, you’re in the right place.

Source: Edited by Numerama

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