“We will cause the collapse of the Russian economy,” says Bruno Le Mer.

“We intend to wage a full-scale economic and financial war against Russia.”Declared by French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer on Tuesday, March 1st.

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According to him, sanctions “Application” Until then “Vladimir Putin returns to better intentions in Ukraine.”

“We will target the center of the Russian system, target Vladimir Putin, target the oligarchs, but also the entire Russian economy, and the Russian people will pay for the result.”He continued.

“Sanctions have to hit fast, hit hard, and we’re already seeing the effect.”Added Bruno Le Mer, “The ruble has collapsed 30%” When “Russia’s foreign exchange reserves are melting like snow in the sun.”.. “Vladimir Putin’s famous war box is already almost zero.”He guaranteed. “So we cause the collapse of the Russian economy.”Warns Bruno Le Mer and is already careful “Market collapse”With rising interest rates “Rising inflation” In Russia.

“Sanctions are effective, economic and financial sanctions are very effective.”Continued to be Minister of Economy “I don’t want to leave ambiguity in Europe’s decision on this subject.“. One “Penalty package” Current “Exam course” And that “Proposal from the European Commission” Must arrive “this morning”Bruno Le Mer said he was ready with the European Union, “To prepare for further strengthening of economic and financial sanctions“. A G7 meeting on this subject is also planned. “This afternoon” Before the European Treasury Meeting on Wednesday “Ensure the proper implementation of these sanctions.”

According to the Minister of Economy, these sanctions “Applies until Vladimir Putin returns to better intentions in Ukrainee “. He invited in this way “Enlightenment” because “The United States and Europe together are by far the most powerful economic and financial continents on the planet.”..

“At this point”, On the list of Russian oligarchs under European sanctions, “488 personality”, Guarantee Bruno Le Mer without specifying how many people are in France.The Minister said: “test” Russian account was in progress “With the help of a bank” and it is “length” The procedure has been expanded “In the name of oligarchs, their spouses, their children, their property companies” They are “You can’t hide behind a financial deal.”..In addition, Bruno Le Mer “Make sure it’s not just a freeze, but an asset foreclosure.”.. “We are legally working with the Prime Minister to ensure that the freeze is a seizure. We will touch the center of Russia’s power (…) The oligarchs will not slip through our nets. That is our purpose. “He warned.

“This is the message we send to all authoritarian regimes that want to challenge the efficiency and political weight of democracy on earth.”

Mayor Bruno

on franceinfo

face “To this intentional attack”Bruno Le Mer also in Europe “I realized the need to be armed militarily.”.. Satellite images taken on Monday (February 28) show a huge Russian escort fleet heading northwest of the capital Kyiv, Russia’s main military target, since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. increase...