Water management. Ecod’O3 Economy Program Expands to Regional Level

The corporate water-saving program, which has been applied on a Morbihan scale, was launched in Morbihan Province in 2019, and is being piloted by the Morbihan CCI and deployed at the regional level. This is an Ecod’O3 project, carried out by CCI Brittany and replicated in four departments of 70 companies selected in the file. This new component expands the possibilities by integrating experiments (as defined by law) on the reuse of treated wastewater. This is a potential water saving that is rarely utilized.

Two years after the start of the Ecod’O program by the county and Morbihan CCI, the results are compelling. “”A year later, I interviewed a company that is benefiting from the Ecod’O1 program. The water savings listed are greater than the likelihood estimated at the start of the program. Ecod’O 1 companies are taking steps and the savings achieved are 10% (rather than an estimated 8). In other words, 500,000 m3 of water was saved out of the total of 5 million m3 initially consumed. “, We introduced Philippe Rouault, President of CCI in Morbihan, at the closing event for the Ecod’O 1 and 2 programs at CCI’s headquarters in Morbihan this Thursday.

Inaugurated in November 2019, Ecod’O is a water conservation awareness and start program for industrial and tourism companies in the province of Morbian. Thus, over the two years, 70 companies (50 industries and 20 tourism companies) have benefited from purified water diagnostics and assistance in developing action plans tailored to each type of company involved. Best practices, targeted investments, allocated grants … At each stage, Morbihan CCI, a person from Ecod’O Project Manager Luc Guymare, raised awareness, provided information, advised and supported the selected companies.

General perception

At the end of these two experimental years, success is realistic at both quantitative and qualitative levels (10% water savings have been recorded so far). “”With support, the vast majority of industrialists participating in the program either equip themselves or upgrade their water meters and water consumption monitoring equipment. Water issues are a real concern for all supported companies and are an important tool for their development. All of them have actually developed or started a water-saving initiative.Consciousness is realistic and major“, Emphasizes Luc Guymare in front of an audience of locally elected officials, water sector players, and interested business leaders.

“”It’s a real success, and It is now our responsibility to pursue, develop and enrich it. This is Ecod’O3’s goal to start soon.“Philippe Rouault, President of Morbihan’s CCI, continued.

Eco d’O is regionalized

Prime Minister Joel Maturin, who attended the meeting, said:An exemplary and exciting territorial performance“And we confirmed our desire to continue and expand this program geographically and sectorally.”Ecod’O 3 will continue to work with regional industrial and tourism companies. As part of that, the Chamber of Agriculture uses this program to adapt to its area of ​​activity.“After the water shortage was observed and the weather forecast was released, he recalled the relevance of the Ecod’O program on the drought framework legislation that had to be signed last March and showed the governor.”Morbian Province has been on alert since May 6, 2022“I remembered the representative of the state.

70 Breton Companies

The Ecod’O3 program should start in the summer of 2022 while waiting for final commitment verification. Carried by CCI Brittany, we will hold 70 companies selected following the application solicitation scheduled for June next year. Companies in the industrial and tourism sectors can apply regardless of the level of committed water savings. You will be able to integrate Ecod’O3 with all approaches, from curiosity to actions that have already taken place. The scope of that intervention will cover raising awareness of the first licensed experiment in the reuse of treated wastewater.

REUT: Toward the evolution of standards

In this regard Morbihan is a pioneering area for identifying regulatory disruptions that may be lifted or mitigated... ABEA (Agricultural Food Company Breton Association), a partner of the Ecod’O program, has been particularly mobilized on this issue, which is being discussed among ministries. “”The Ecod’O approach contributes to the evolution of standards. The decree allows experiments in an industrial environment. It must be considered by the State Council. These experiments, applied to the reuse of treated wastewater, open up significant water savings in Brittany, estimated at hundreds of thousands of cubic meters. After that, Ecod’O3 will act as a tester.

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