“Warmonger is leading us to economic, social and military catastrophes,” Charles Sanat’s editorial.

My dear indifference, dear indifference,

I must admit that this world continues to amaze me and is not a good way to go.

I am at the level of stupidity that our population and its journalists make a series of direct reports on the Ukrainian war, without a historical perspective, without a critical analysis of the situation, and without a review of its strengths and weaknesses. I am very surprised. I’m not talking about Russians (it’s fashionable to talk 24 hours a day), but about us, which is much more useful if you want to win the war.

Don’t get me wrong.

I have a keen historical consciousness.

And the tragic history is full of examples of wars in which we launched “with a grain of salt” and were shot down.

Winning war, and even better, winning peace is a very complex task.

So, explaining that all our “guards” have to do more for Ukraine and why not attack Russia directly to protect the country from Chernobyl. When I hear it, I think he is an image of the same idiot who left in 1914. A century ago he had a flower in his arm.

It’s time to watch your friend’s archived footage again.

They thought it was a great idea to sing, have a party and go to war. It was masculine and very romantic!

From you to me, they were terribly disillusioned when they arrived at the trench. Trench. My great-grandfather returned from Verdun’s grandfather with a war cross on his chest. My grandfather returned from World War II and Indochina with a gag of the war cross hanging from his chest. In any case, the war is the worst. It’s disgusting. And in Europe, with the wisdom of our 14th century hindsight, we know how long, terrible and horrific the war is.

So don’t sing the praise of war. It is obscene because of the height of European history that reminds us.

Today, all those who disguise the truth and reality to excite fools bear the historical responsibility for future genocide that will inevitably occur even if conflicts are amplified, regionalized, and why … globalized.

We are on the verge of World War II.

Face it, we are on the verge of a new world war.

challenge ?

Global leadership.


America with a European puppy on one side (the empire of good and the “good man”). On the other hand, China-Russia axis refers to bad guys and bad guys.

For the Chinese Foreign Minister, and therefore for Beijing, the alliance with the Russians is rock solid.

To win the war, you need to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Again, the Russian people we want to talk to. I like to talk about what others want to avoid. I would like to talk about the risks that I do not want to see. This is, in the end, sometimes the way we can save the essence. Generally speaking, we preach in the desert, but it still has to be done.

This is a very simplified method, but it’s a non-simplified situation.

The Russian army is an overall bad army with very old and terrible equipment. The Russian Army is a renamed Red Army, but generally the same approach. Multiply the number of tanks by the number of tanks, supplement the quality with that number, and destroy everything. The Russian army is also a bit like Germany in 1944, with highly technologically advanced “special weapons” such as ultra- “equal” torpedoes and hypersonic nuclear missiles. But, like 44 Germany, it’s not always enough to win a traditional dispute with NATO.

On paper, with the data corrected at the end of the world in the event of a nuclear war, we are far superior to them.

The problem is that all of our advantages are based on the multiplier effect of force brought about by advanced technology.

If the conflict expands, Russia’s strategy consists of reducing the multiplier effect of our power. Eliminate our satellites, our communications, our computers. Do you really think that if China stops supplying millions of spare parts, it can continue to produce shells for anti-tank missiles, aircraft and artillery? Do you think you can run a tank that requires all the hustle and bustle of mirrors, chips, aiming stabilizers, and great logistics?

Do you think we have enough stock when France stops producing guns and even ammunition?

We are teasing Russia, which looks like skating in Ukraine.

And what do you know?

She skates!

And do you know why?

Because we wash the board with soap for him.

I’m not telling you that it shouldn’t be done, it’s not the purpose of my remarks, I from a strategic point of view, the Russian army of Ukraine by absorbing the impact of the Russian push Ukrainians are a great idea, even to make the most of. All Russian tanks destroyed by the Ukrainians will eventually become Russian tanks that we do not have to face.

No, the question is whether we can do better and how long we can last.

If you delivered 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 Stinger counters to Ukraine, how many do you think are left now?

I will ask you another question. Tomorrow, if the Russian army pushes really hard by destroying everything in its path and our 17,000 missiles are destroyed in Ukraine, what would we stop the Russians from?

What is your production capacity? How long can you withstand a very fierce conflict?

I have the beginning of the answer for you.

Our arsenal has no weapons, ammunition, or spare parts, just as the masks were in stock at the time of the pandemic two years ago.

Russians have been preparing for eight years.

They find submarine cables, knock out satellites and scream us, but can block sound and images, plunging us into the reality of conflict at the beginning of the century. They are preparing agriculture, fallout shelters, and making the system as resilient and self-sufficient as possible.

After all, it becomes tank-to-tank, infantry-to-infantry, gun-to-gun.

And in this game, without the “force multiplier effect”, there are 200 Leclerc tanks left (and not considering the broken ones). Sure, it competes with old Russian tanks, but thousands of them are old. .. Compared to the three divisions of “experts”, there are millions of drafts, a population that doesn’t even know how to hold a gun, and the pain of a city that sees weapons as crazy and imbalanced.

If the conflict continues, if the conflict grows, and if China also enters the Russian side, we will soon find that we have nothing.

there is nothing.

there is nothing.

In addition, there are rooms, computers, phones, smartphones and cars. there is nothing.

Due to its impressive geographical conditions, Russia has the most abundant energy and reserves on the planet. China owns all factories.

If not, my analysis leads me to the next conclusion. If we (we NATO) have a traditional dispute against the Russian-Chinese alliance, we will lose the dispute in a few weeks. I also think that occupation is prioritized over the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Don’t mistakenly underestimate the Russians, don’t think Putin is crazy. Russians know our weaknesses much better than we do. Because we do not have the right to talk about them and to evoke them as we should.

No one leaves, like a flower with a rifle, like 14 when a Russian cannon thundered.

We will deliver France without fighting.

Therefore, the benefits of humility, wisdom, weight, and negotiation are still not the worst of the solutions and options.

Meanwhile, our economy is devastated by energy prices, our comforts are greatly reduced, and we can’t imagine this war being so close and painless so far. Even Mayor Bruno, who hasn’t come, has just asked the French … to cool down the house. Poor mammouchi. If he only knows. Millions of French have already worn sweaters and lowered their thermostats, and have been doing so for several years now.

It’s too late, but not everything is lost.

please prepare!

Charles Sanner

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