War in Ukraine: Francois Hollande expects France to have “painful economic consequences”

This Monday morning, the President of Ukraine called for his membership “without delay” in the European Union. What should i do?

The urgent need is not to bring Ukraine into the European Union, but to drive Russia out of Ukraine. Then, when the conflict is over and Ukraine regains its integrity and independence, it is time to consider this proposal. And undoubtedly, it will be welcomed in favor and concerned about not putting Ukraine in an economically unacceptable place. For now, this is neither a priority nor a topic. The topicality is to help the Ukrainians as much as possible to overcome this horror of war, and to put an end to the invasion of a country that certainly has a mission to join the European Union.

How can I resolve this conflict? You were talking about diplomacy, but I feel that Putin’s diplomacy has a special meaning …

There is effective and serious diplomacy only if the balance of power allows negotiations to lead to lasting agreements rather than concessions. And today, the balance of power lies both within Ukraine (Ukrainian resistance causing significant losses to President Zelensky and the Russian army) and across the heavy sanctions being taken at the European level to keep Russia out. .. To reduce the location of Russian gas and oil in the financial system and European supply. Finally, it is in the supply of military equipment to Ukraine to respond to attacks. President Putin understands this because he is always using it for threats to use nuclear weapons, including declarations like Sunday. The only possible negotiations are the withdrawal of Russian troops and the return to the Minsk agreement.

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Did you think this Minsk agreement was destined to fail?

No, it was the basis for Ukraine to regain its territorial integrity. There was recognition of autonomy in separatist regions, but within the framework of Ukrainian sovereignty. And beyond the ceasefire, it allowed the end of hostilities between separatists and the legitimate power of Ukraine. The agreement lasted eight years and was intended to continue thanks to the Normandy form, but the Russians proved unwilling to respect it on their part.

If you are familiar with Putin, does this situation surprise you?

What surprises me is that he used his power to invade all of Ukraine. What doesn’t surprise me is that he was able to get this far because of the great success before this invasion. Authority over these two nations, and ultimately what they are doing in Syria, Libya and Mali … it is intoxicated by these conquests and their own powers, conquering Ukraine and dismissing President Zelensky in favor. To Russia, which I thought was possible to establish a system.

Should I have tried to stop him sooner?

Yes. Opportunities to stop, curb, and discourage it have appeared several times, but there was President Obama, who did not want to intervene in Syria, and President Trump, who was very colluding with Putin-reminding him of what Trump is considering. Increasingly, Putin is a genius, and the failure of President Biden in Afghanistan has led him to believe that Putin is weak in the United States, and more generally in the West, and we do not react.

So he goes on the way …

Yes, but here he has already taken a considerable risk to the fragile Russian economy, as his military operations are not proceeding as planned and are isolated on the ever-increasing number of Chinese allies and international arena. I took another risk carefully. He lost many images and resources of all kinds for several days. That’s because he’s in an increasingly delicate situation, which can force him to negotiate.

Are the European Union and NATO decisions sufficient?

They weren’t at first, they are more serious than today except Russia from the Swift financial trading system. Even if this has an unfortunate impact on us in terms of supply, they must be further strengthened by the Russian gas and oil embargo. But that is the only solution that robs Russia of income. The war also made Europe aware of Europe’s need to secure itself, and of the previously disputed organization NATO, especially some of the republic’s presidential candidates who wanted to get out of it. It brought results. It’s irresponsible – appearing as an essential protection framework.

Is the swayed nuclear threat a means of pressure?

It is a means of scaring public opinion and putting pressure on Western nations not to deliver weapons to Ukraine. President Putin says he is always ready to go when he himself knows that this reliance on nuclear weapons has very devastating consequences for Russia and cannot be imagined. .. This is the principle of deterrence.

Is the supply of weapons to Germany historic?

Yes, I realized that Germany had to take that responsibility and therefore break the outdated doctrine-and we need to congratulate ourselves on this. It must, together with France and European countries, organize the defense of Europe to guarantee our sovereignty and our own security.

What does this dispute say about the state of the European Union?

It has shown Europe’s weaknesses, but it is an opportunity for the organization to accelerate to ensure its defense. Therefore, like any other dispute, there are some of the responsibilities that are accepted for the past and some of the decisions that are made for the future.

Where are we going?

Towards Painful Economic Impacts: High Inflation, High Energy Costs, High Food, Weak Growth, High Interest Rates … International Issues Become a Big Issue in Presidential Debates Even so, it’s the whole economic situation. In the midst of change, all programs should be revised, and no one should think that all promises will be kept, even the promises of the retiring president.

I can’t hear the campaign …

It is largely upset and the public’s gaze is more focused on Ukraine than on internal debate. Nonetheless, the questions dispute demands need to be asked: defense for France, how far to go with budget choices, the economics and society that most of our fellow citizens pursue when they lose purchasing power. Target policy Electricity, income that cannot keep up with inflation … Due to limited budget resources, we need to make choices to reduce inequality and make a successful energy transition.

There is a necessary share of unity, but there are still significant differences in the candidate’s program with NATO. This war serves to reveal. Among those who thought Putin was a partner, even models, among those who questioned the Atlantic Alliance and thought it was possible to break up with Europe today … this crisis is specific. The number of programs and positions … But the important subject of international affairs must not forget all the challenges that await France. Public debt, climate issues, industrial sovereignty, and youth training.

How to help Ukrainians, should we welcome them?

A lot of refugees will come, it is a neighboring country that does most of the effort, we must help the country and those destined to return to their country. The main problem is finding stability and democracy in Ukraine and being able to achieve this.

Interview with Estelle Bardelot