WAAPAC MPs Consider Economic Recovery After COVID-19 at Lome-Togo Press

The West African Finance Commission Association (WAAPAC) has been held eight times at the Lome February 2 Hotel since May 23, 2022.When Meeting coupled with the annual meeting.Placed under the theme “The Role of Parliament in the Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery Mechanism”, The conference aims to provide a framework for parliamentarians to think about how to support the country in implementing post-pandemic economic recovery policies for the coronavirus. It also provides an opportunity to renew the governing body of this organization.

COVID-19 has shaken the world and is particularly straining the economies of the most vulnerable countries. Today, socio-economic activities are gradually being resumed by mutual contributions, especially the measures taken by the government to combat this tragedy. 8When The joint meeting of the West African Finance Commission (WAAPAC) General Assembly in Lome on May 23, 2022 will intervene in this context.Placed under the theme : “The role of Congress in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery mechanism “. These meetings allow participants to look back on their mission to control government actions, thus ensuring that budgetary policies become more effective and efficient. They are also statutory. It will be possible to review the text and update the association’s executive committee in accordance with the provisions of. Therefore, participants will need to discuss some modules, such as: “COVID-19 Crisis-related Impacts, Challenges, Opportunities”, “Evaluation of Responses and Recovery Plans: Challenges, Stakeholders, Methods”, “The Role of Parliament in the National Evaluation System”, “Budget Orientation Debate (BOD)” “Parliamentary Voting in Crisis”, etc

Build parliamentary capacity to oversee government actions

By opening the work, 4When The prestigious AmenyoMissiame Adjourouvi, Vice President of Parliament, said the conference and selected themes proved Parliamentarians’ willingness to contribute to the establishment of a resilient and inclusive economy. Due to its complexity and scale, the health crisis has led world leaders to take drastic measures not only for prevention but also for management. In Togo, the government has taken steps such as “Nobissi”, free registration and tuition at public schools, payment of social parts of water and electricity bills, and state support (wezo) for women and newborns.

In addition, the conference will allow us to discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its consequences. “In the face of trade turmoil, our country must curb the rise in prices of raw materials, primarily foodstuffs, and the uncertainty due to the potential for capital collapse in emerging countries. In the face of it, companies and investors will need to be reassured. “ Underlined the prestigious Adjourouvi. The series of steps taken to counter these two crises has had a profound impact on countries’ economies and budgetary forecasts... “Therefore, we support this kind of conference of elected representatives of the people with the aim of monitoring the actions of the government and strengthening their capabilities in terms of strengthening our socio-economic resilience system. Obviously, Congress is urged to contribute to strengthening the stability of the macroeconomic framework. Indeed, a COVID-19 response plan is required for successful recovery plan implementation. As we did with, we need the unwavering support of national representatives. “, He remembered.

Help countries revive their economies after this pandemic

For James Klutsè Avedzi, head of WAAPAC’s parent agency, AFROPAC, the conference needs to make decisions and define plans to help countries revive their economies after this pandemic. The purpose of AFROPAC at this conference is to strengthen the ability of WAAPAC members to truly play a role as a Finance Commission by being more proactive and prominent.

WAAPAC Chairman Mawussi Djossou Sémodji explained that the organization’s activity has slowed due to insufficient mobilization of members worsened by the health crisis since the GA in Niamey in 2017. Today, thanks to the significant reduction in pandemics, the organization has embarked on a process of activation. The state has made enormous sacrifices to rescue the population, especially the most disadvantaged formations. “It is clear that organizations like WAAPAC are playing an even greater role as a space to share experiences and build the capacity of parliamentarians. In addition, in our view, our association. Should play an important role in disseminating the general macroeconomic and sectoral policies of sub-regional integrated organizations such as ECOWAS and UEMOA. You will agree that all of us must mobilize our efforts to occupy a suitable place for parliamentary diplomacy. Added the prestigious Sémodji.

Melissa Bataba