Vietnam’s economic recovery continues and accelerates

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Deputy Prime Minister Lê Van Thành will submit to Parliament a report on the implementation of the socio-economic development plan for the first few months of 2022.


These forecasts largely reflect the assessment of socio-economic development in the first few months of 2022, which was just submitted to parliament.

Some effort …

This credit rating effectively lifts domestic and international travel restrictions, launches national vaccination campaigns and implements strategies to adapt to the epidemic.

By emphasizing the benefits of national vaccination campaigns, the parliament emphasized that Vietnam could be one of the six countries with the highest immunization rates, with results at the national level. .. The number of new cases, serious cases and deaths has been significantly reduced. The effective suppression of this epidemic has also brought new confidence to companies that are currently in the midst of recovery.

Vietnam’s economy is moving upwards.

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Its macroeconomic stability and labor competitiveness make Vietnam a particularly attractive country for foreign investment, especially in the processing and manufacturing sectors, as Phan Duc Hiêu, the representative of Thai Binh Province, correctly pointed out. I am.

“Looking at exports, the number of newly established companies and the value of trade, it is clear that the national economy is in the process of recovery. It is clear when comparing the current situation with the situation in the last two quarters of 2021.”He said.

Another good thing is that Vietnam has succeeded in stabilizing its finances. Jarai’s adjutant, Lê Hoàng Anh, first congratulated …

“The government has succeeded in curbing inflation. The government is closely monitoring budget and monetary policy to control inflation and maintain it at parliamentary approved levels.”He said.

Today, the company is in the midst of a recovery.

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Ho Chi Minh City’s adjutant, Van Van Mai, says all of these good results are due to the tireless efforts of governments, businesses and people. He observed that the southern megalopolis is not currently in recovery, thanks to the involvement of authorities and residents.

… wouldn’t have been wasted

Therefore, the Vietnamese economy is moving upwards. However, its growth target (6-6.5% ratio) remains difficult to achieve, forcing the government to remain on the bridge permanently, as emphasized by Deputy Prime Minister Lê Van Thành.

“The Government will take steps to enable payment of public investment and promote three national goal programs. We have put a considerable list of projects included in the recovery and social framework on the Standing Committee of the Parliament. Must be submitted promptly-Economic Development “He said.

According to Thai Binh’s adjutant Phan Duc Hiêu, Vietnam will have every interest in managing the economy flexibly and keeping an eye on changes in the global economy.

At the social level, it now seems essential to strengthen the bond of trust that connects governments and the public in need of macroeconomic stability and inflation control. Rating agencies are certainly sensitive to this, and so are investors.