Vietnam and South Africa to Strengthen Economic Cooperation | Policy


Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam and South Africa agreed on Thursday (April 14) to further promote good economic relations and economic cooperation commensurate with the size of the economy.

Vietnam and South Africa strengthen economic cooperationDeputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam Pham Quang Hiêu. Photo: VNA

Vietnam has always emphasized traditional friendships with South Africa, recognizing South Africa as Vietnam’s important “cooperation and development partner” in Africa, and determined to promote comprehensive cooperation with South Africa. Vietnam’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fam Kuan Hieu said. ..

Officially co-chaired through a video conference with South Africa’s Deputy Minister for International Relations and Cooperation, Candice Machego Dramini, the first of the Intergovernmental Partnership Forums on Economic, Trade, Scientific Cooperation, Technical and Cultural Cooperation between Vietnam and South Africa. 5 meetings.

He pointed out that South Africa is currently Vietnam’s largest trading partner and welcomed the continued development and many progress of bilateral cooperation in diplomatic relations for nearly 30 years.

Deputy Minister Candice Machego Dramini emphasized Vietnam’s important position in South Africa’s foreign policy in Asia in general, especially in Southeast Asia, and welcomed the development and close coordination of good relations between the two countries at the Multilateral Forum.


The event, hosted by the Video Conference, examined the outcome of bilateral cooperation since the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Partnership Forum on Economic, Commercial, Scientific, Technology and Cultural Cooperation.

Based on the outcome of cooperation in politics, diplomacy, trade, investment, agriculture, defense, security, education, training, science, technology, justice, tourism, the environment and decentralized cooperation, both sides are concrete to further deepen. Discussed measures. Their good relationship.

Both sides agreed to maintain high-level delegation liaison and exchange, strengthen mutual support in international and regional forums, and effectively promote bilateral cooperation mechanisms.

They said they are working closely to expand the scale and structure of trade and promote cooperation in industry, agriculture, investment and tourism.

The parties acknowledge the importance of strengthening cooperation in the areas of defense, security, justice, environment, science, technology, education and training, and the possibility of expanding cooperation in construction, information, communications and work. I offered to study. .. .. ..

They agreed on measures aimed at effectively implementing signed documents, accelerating negotiations for signing important cooperation documents, and removing obstacles and obstacles encountered in current cooperation.

The parties have agreed to hold the next meeting in South Africa, scheduled for 2024, and have signed the minutes of the fifth meeting online. – VNA