Val-d’Oise: The Center for Economic Expansion wants to be “ambitious for territory”


Posted on October 7, 2021 at 3:00 pmUpdated at 16:06 on October 7, 2021

Re-elected as President of Val-d’Oise’s territorial development and attraction agency Seevo this summer, Philip Sure wants to highlight some themes that allow investors and entrepreneurs to be attracted to Val-d’Oise. I am. .. He believes that the cosmetics and aviation sectors, the true “economic backbone of the sector,” remain strong.

What is the end of the crisis for Val-d’Oise companies?

Escape from the health crisis is done in a satisfying way. The final version of Salon Effervescence collected 250 SMIs and ETIs from the department, demonstrating regional dynamics. Formerly an industrial trade fair in Buzon, the conference has become a departmental trade fair with the vision of “Made In 95.”

Although they are suffering, the two economic sectors that make up the sector’s economic backbone, the cosmetics and aviation sectors, remain strong. First, the major producers of flavors and fragrances are doing well. Second, onboard intelligence works well even when the supply of materials and semiconductors is difficult.


What are your areas of work in the coming months?

Territorial marketing is one of Ceevo’s missions, strengthening the attractiveness of the department and providing a strategic roadmap for attracting businesses and investors. We have identified four major sectors with international visibility and technical aspects that are promising for the region. It’s global security, city aerial travel, airport hydrogen, and agricultural food.

Philip Sure was reelected as President of Ceevo in the summer of 2021.

Philip Sure was reelected as President of Ceevo in the summer of 2021.

Val-d’Oise has been tackling global security issues for several years …

Founded as a large cluster of users at ADP, SNCF, La Poste, Natixis, Société Générale and the Ministry of Interior, the Security Systems Valley was aimed at training and addressing new needs. However, funding was suspended and the dynamics of this fledgling group were transferred to the Foundation for Security Professionals within CY Sergey Paris University. Stephen Volan, well-known in the field and presided over the Security Systems Valley, will be appointed president.

Ceevo recently succeeded in bringing Val-d’Oise to Bezons, a deep tech company in cybersecurity, Wagas Group. Since they were installed, we have hosted DeepTech Innovation Days. The conference brings together 250-300 companies from around the world every three months.

What do you expect from Agoralim, a project of Senmaris, the company that manages the Rungis market?

Agoralim is a great project that specifically contributes to the food security of Ile de France. Semmaris has started soliciting ideas. Rendering originally set for September 30th has been postponed to October 15th. However, Ceevo believes that this initiative, with its own industrial and economic logic, is not an end in itself. It must be a locomotive that must be used to give momentum to the territory. The theme of future food is growing all over the world. It should not be seen as a rigorous ecological reaction, but a source of evolution and innovation.

We have already arrived in the department of two applications for establishing great start-ups for meat substitute plant manufacturing sites. At the intersection of Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne, northeast of Val-d’Oise, the region is open to Europe thanks to Roissy and has the potential to become a world-class research hub. Of research, industrialization and logistics. You must be ambitious for that territory.