Universal unemployment insurance, missed opportunities?

“It was one of the iconic means of Macron’s five-year term, but I didn’t know how to find it,” immediately attacks Macron’s economist Stephanie Billers. .. We are not talking about the famous pension reforms scattered in the four winds of the coronavirus, but about universal unemployment. Does this mean nothing to you? That’s normal and that’s the problem. “It’s a measure that was under the radar because it ultimately had little effect and didn’t keep the slogan’s promise,” says Claire Bibes, a sociologist for employment research and work. increase. Don’t throw it anymore, oblivion will be consumed. How would you describe it? You need to take a step back.

In 2017, candidate Emmanuel Macron proposed universal unemployment insurance, a two-part idea. On the one hand, we also compensate self-employed people, traders, craftsmen, self-employed people, intermittently … those who have not contributed. Meanwhile, it allows those who resign to lose their jobs. The candidate’s campaign site states: “In a changing world, we introduce unemployment insurance for everyone because unemployment is no longer a risk to cover an individual, but a risk to be covered by a collective guarantee. But that was theoretical.

A slaughtered measure of its value

Regarding this second part, in reality, “the possibility of the project was lost because social partners seized the device and severely restricted the device,” Stéphanie Villers said. The final reforms set by the Occupational Future Act in mid-2018 and effective November 1, 2019 are actually less generous. Employees who retire from a “professional retraining project” will benefit from the same unemployment compensation as other job seekers for two years (three years for those over 50) if they have been working for at least five consecutive years. I can.

This professional retraining project is especially evaluated by Unédic and needs to get a green light from the association. Anomalies for economists: “What is Unédic’s credibility to validate professional projects? This undermines reform. The basic idea is not to make people accountable, rather than toddlers. It was to encourage the creation of initiatives by empowering people. »»

Coronavirus as the ultimate spoil sport

Another factor that has led to a significant lack of interest in this measure is the specific epidemic that occurred in 2020. Stéphanie Villagers say the majority of employees prefer to stay warm on a permanent contract.

Claire Vivès adds that most people who want to quit their jobs, even with professional projects in mind, first seek a traditional break. And even if this didn’t work, there were already 17 reasons why it was justified to resign while accessing unemployment before Macron’s five-year term, after all, this universal. The unemployment insurance reform adds only one more and makes access very complicated. As a result, in November 2021, only 14,000 out of 2.2 million job seekers will be thanks to this device. Unemployed, Claire Vivès shows. It’s not really enough to mark the spirits.

10,000 people related to 2.2 million unemployed

Almost the same observations on the first part of universality, the extension to self-employed people. Again, the device really only applies to self-employed people “in the case of judicial liquidation”, so a serious rewrite affected the action. The maximum amount of compensation is 800 euros per month, up to 6 months, and an annual income of at least 10,000 euros is required. And again, the coronavirus drove Point home. “The health crisis has affected self-employed people, especially epidemics, far more than universal unemployment,” said Stephanie Billers. Who is still on the side of Claire Vibes: In July, only 1,000 people benefited from this unemployment.

Therefore, the reforms announced at the Great Fanfare are concerned about a total of about 15,000 people in the country. “When we promised universal unemployment, the French had a little more right to hope! A sociologist said: In France, one in two people who are inactive are unemployed. It reminds me that I haven’t done it. “In this case, it’s hard to talk about universality,” she points out.

Last but not least, when talking about unemployment and reform in the context of Emmanuel Macron, sociologists say that this is not the first thing we think of. “The reform of unemployment insurance that came into effect in November 2021 is far more important and concerned. On the contrary, it does not go in the direction of unemployment for everyone. According to estimates released by Unédic in April 2021. We estimate that up to 1.15 million job seekers have been reduced by an average of 17%.