Universal unemployment insurance, missed opportunities?

This is a reform that was part of a program that current President Emmanuel Macron undertook during his first five-year term. However, according to some sources, this reform did not seem to bring the expected results to Paul Amplois. An explanation is required, so we will provide it.

Unemployment provided by Paul Amplois

A lot of aid is currently available, thanks to an organization called Paul Amplois. The latter has been around for years and has several features.

Indeed, it is an organization whose main goal is to help people find a job. In the form of appointments and work dates, the latter can find suitable jobs for all types of profiles.

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Therefore, you need to be aware that there are millions of people registered on this site and you can take advantage of the benefits presented.

But even if it is controversial, other aids are also widely used. Indeed, I would like to talk about Paul Amplois’s unemployment allowance, which is obtained by working for a certain period of time.

However, this aid is so diverse that it is often questioned by various political candidates. The latter wants to change not only the acquisition rights, but also the calculation of this amount of aid.

The current President Emmanuel Macron also contributed to the construction by proposing reforms to this aid. However, this did not have the desired effect and could even exacerbate the situation for some people.

Some experts have talked about this subject!

I missed a universal unemployment insurance reservation from Paul Amplois!

Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron specified this reform of unemployment aid proposed by Paul Amplois when he came to power in 2017.

But beyond promise, the situation today seems to be very different from what he wanted.

Specifically, unemployment insurance seems to be well below target for several reasons.

First, macro-specialized economist Stephanie Billers points out: It was supposed to be one of Macron’s iconic means of a five-year term, but didn’t know how to find it.“. This aid appetizer provided by Paul Amprowa has already specified some highlights.

Therefore, it is important to know that Emmanuel Macron wanted to set compensation for contractors, intermittent workers, and self-employed people who did not contribute. But assign him to anyone who wants to quit his job.

The candidate campaign site also provided: In a changing world, we set unemployment insurance for everyone because unemployment is no longer a risk covered individually, but a risk covered by collective guarantees.“.

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However, the project lost momentum and credibility for a variety of reasons. The final reforms set by the Occupational Future Act in mid-2018 and effective November 1, 2019 do not promise to be great.

Indeed, those who have worked for more than five years and wish to retrain can only suffer two years of unemployment. And that’s up to three years for people over the age of fifty.

Many worries!

This reform was also to be approved by Unédic, but as this specialist at Paul Amprowa points out, this is not everyone’s preference. What is Unédic’s credibility for validating professional projects? This undermines reform. The basic idea was to encourage the creation of initiatives by empowering people, rather than infancy to hold them accountable.“.

And, as Stephen Villiers points out, the situation is so difficult that this reform should not have a solid and promising future. Due to the coronavirus, and the economic uncertainties currently associated with the war in Ukraine, this period has not encouraged abandonment of work and professional initiative.“.

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Moreover, this reform proposed by Paul Amprowa did not have the opportunity to reach out to the general public. Therefore, since its establishment Of the 2.2 million job seekers, only 14,000 could benefit from it.

Great concern for Emmanuel Macron, who would not have succeeded in convincing this reform. But she didn’t seem to be promising and pleasing to many, she didn’t have the desired effect.