Unemployment: It’s official, Paul Amplois can manage your life insurance policy

That’s it. Published in the official journal on Sunday, March 20, and in force on Monday, Paul Amplois is from the file “Ficovie”, which lists all life insurance and capital contracts signed with French insurance companies. You can access the information. As Capital reported in December 2020, this new possibility was given to public operators by the 2021 Financial Law. All that was missing was an enforcement order to make this measure fully functional.

This is one of the new weapons given to Paul Amprowa to further curb the unemployed and strengthen the fight against social fraud. Therefore, public employers for employment “more effectively take precautions that are useful to quickly obtain elements that help detect fraudulent situations and ensure better recovery of the amount to be paid. It can be taken, “the government will implement this new measure, which was written in the amendment to PLF2021.

Purpose: Strengthen management of ASS

In fact, by allowing Paul Amprowa access to the Ficoby file, “you can check the consistency of the resources declared by the holder of a particular solidarity allowance (ASS). It is the lowest social amount to be paid on your behalf. ” A report on social interest fraud, published in September 2020, underlined the Board of Audit and reached the end of qualification.

ASS payments are subject to the resources of the job seeker, so a single case requires a monthly income of less than € 1,183.70. This amount includes all the personal resources of the job seeker filed with the tax authorities, in which you can find income from his financial assets. Therefore, an interest in giving Paul Amplois access to Ficoby. By the way, this file is maintained by the tax authorities and provided by the French insurance institution. The latter must declare all subscriptions, changes, and consequences of life insurance or capitalization contracts (such as full redemption of the contract, death of the insured). Each year, the insurer must declare on January 1st all the work performed under the current contract with an investment of at least € 7,500.

In consideration of “the personal nature of the data contained in this file,” Paul Amprowa’s Secretary said, “Access is reserved for individually designated and specially authorized agents.” Specifies the statute issued this Sunday.

This new possibility gives public operators a complete picture of the recipient’s resources. Indeed, Paul Amplois can already see the Ficova file (national file of banks and similar accounts) listing all bank accounts opened in France and their owners, as well as Patrim, the basis for real estate valuations. I did. Under the Financial Law of 2021, Paul Amprowa’s fraud-specific services verify authenticity documents provided by job seekers from certain private organizations (credit institutions, energy suppliers, telephone operators, etc.). You are also allowed to get the information you need to do this. However, new legislation is expected to make this last step effective.

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