Ukrainian War: What are the economic implications for Occitania’s businesses?

Exports to Russia are about 1.5 billion euros, or almost 4% of the region’s exports. For Ukraine, that’s just over 80 million euros. Moderate impact …

pass PerpignanMonday, February 28, Jean-François Rézeau, new chairman of the Chamber of CommerceOccitaniaMentioned the rather relative consequences of the Ukrainian crisis on the Pyrenees Oriental economy. “In this sector, the local industry does not appear to have commercial relations with these countries.” He argued, referring to both Russia and Ukraine.

He recalled that the most affected industry was, of course, the aviation industry, which was worth nearly € 1.3 billion in exports. This is primarily almost all exports from Haute-Garonne (94.5%). And to a lesser extent, that of the food industry.

RAGT “driven” its collaborators to the west

This theory of relativity is equally important for the region as a whole.Andre Deljari, CCI President Reminds Us Yellow Vice President of CCI Occitanie, “”Exports to Russia will be worth about € 1.5 billion in 2021. Russia is in the ninth position in our exports, far behind China and its 4 billion. “

Exports to Russia account for 3.9% of all regional exports. As for Ukraine, exports weigh just over 80 million euros and are in 53rd place. Note that 34% of exports to Kyiv are from Gard companies, 32% are from Toulouse and 10% are from Aveyron companies.and it is guard It is also a leader in imports, with 48% of the volume coming from Ukraine.

With regard to regional imports, the impact of the crisis should be further limited. In this region, Russia actually weighs 60.20 M € (51st) and Ukraine weighs 13.90 M € (72nd). It is sufficient to say that the current crisis should not put them in a complicated situation, even if it interferes with the activities of some regional businesses.

This is the case Avairon Group RAGTSpecializes in seeding. “Today, our concern is not economic, but human in the first place.”Guillaume Murgus, director of Eastern Europe, insists. This group has a subsidiary in Ukraine for about 12 years (out of a total of 21 commercial subsidiaries). She is currently dormant.

Assess the impact

“There are 33 Ukrainian employees in this country. Our first concern was to protect them until activity resumed.” Therefore, RAGT “far” Local employees in problem areas. “We found accommodation for them and their families in the western part of the country, where it is quiet.”

Another major player invested in Russia, Neem Group Phyto Control, Food Safety and Environmental Specialist. A year ago, we established a subsidiary based in St. Petersburg, which was established there. An entity that the group aims to radiate throughout Eastern Europe.

It is sufficient to say that the current situation is of little use to the work of the group chaired by Michael Bresson. And the time of the first assessment of this crisis has not yet come. Indeed, Phytocontrol management wants to give Russia time to assess the implications of excluding France from the context of the world economy, and in the first place, before making comments.

Please note that CCI Occitanie has set up a dedicated service on its website to support businesses in the areas affected by the Ukrainian “Notify them and address their concerns related to economic and financial sanctions against Russia.”

Regional solidarity

Montpellier: In collaboration with the City of Montpellier, the SOS Montpellier-Ukraine Association organizes a collection of medicines, food, clothing, quilts and baby products at Maison Delirations International (53 Bd Bonne-Nouvelle) from 10 am to 5 pm doing. .. A register is also available for those who want to accept refugee families. In addition, the Orthodox Church of St. Helena will remain silent on Wednesday, March 2, at 8:30 pm at the Church of Sainte-Croix de Serenove (5 rue du Tour-de-l’Eglise).

Narbonne: To assist the Ukrainian people, a rally is planned at 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 3, at Narbonne’s Town Hall Square, followed by a march to the European roundabout. Of peace. “

Milhaud: With the help of Ukrainian soldiers from the 13th Demi-Brigade, Aveyron Province accepted eight Ukrainian refugees in Millau on Tuesday night. Four more will arrive this Wednesday.