Ukrainian War: Guard economic players worried about rising prices

The effects of the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia will affect Guard’s business.

Beyond the human drama caused by the war in Ukraine from Thursday morning, the economic impact is of great concern not only to households, but also to the guard’s economic players.

Therefore, on the part of the Guard Agricultural Council, we remember the first crisis of 2014 during the conflict between Crimea and Donbus. “We are afraid that farmers are constantly using fuel for their tractors and work, which will increase the price of energy and fuel. It will be costly and the margins will be further reduced. […] As soon as a dispute arises, it disrupts international trade, which is by no means a good thing. The reason for having food autonomy to promote the short circuit that was already so during the Covid pandemic is even more so. “We explain to the National Chamber of Agriculture, as if summarizing the state of mind of President Magari Saumade.

“We were just out of the Covid crisis.”

Our department produces a modest amount of durum wheat (30,000 tonnes in 2019). This is far from being represented by Ukraine, one of the world’s largest exporters. The price of wheat and corn should also rise with the war. Guard agriculture wants to minimize its negative effects, thanks to its diverse production.

More specifically, according to Bernard Angelus, president of the Costieres de Nyme winemakers’ union, garde viticulture can suffer. “We sell Costiere wines to emerging countries like Russia, especially to our ally China. What impact could this dispute have? “”

Prices of phytosanitary products and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia soar “And I don’t know what will happen to products from the Chinese market. “” Bernard Angelus would have liked the power and the European Union to predict such a crisis. “This promotes food autonomy, but we are starting from afar without a long-term vision.”

In economies like Grezan, the future consequences of war will ultimately leave local businesses restless. Kitchen designer Jean-Antoine Bunoz, the dynamic chairman of the Actiparc de Grézan Business Association, looks depressed. “We have just emerged from the Covid crisis, where there are economic recovery, increased activity, but there are some strange times when it is difficult to find raw materials and raise prices. Wars, tragedy, especially in Ukraine. When it comes to fuel and gas prices, we can’t solve the problem. All of Grezan’s businesses will be affected. “

Jean-Antoine Bunoz is a hotel and restaurant industry, leisure, “Consumers make choices in the face of declining purchasing power. In addition to the difficulties associated with increased fuel, we also need to consider the level of compensation for employees who are victims of this rapid inflation in 1970. of.”

It is difficult to know the number of guard companies that are directly involved in exchanges with Russia and Ukraine (not successful in contacting Guard’s CCI international affairs). The only certainty: the current crisis has not yet produced any impact.

Plant control established in Russia

Phytocontrol, Neem’s analytical laboratory specializing in food and environmental safety, was founded in Russia in the spring of 2021 and is demonstrating its international development. Having a sales team in Russia is a strategy to better support customers in Eastern Europe. When asked, PhytoControl management is still giving them time to figure out and communicate with what the dispute is having.