Ukraine: “Impact on our lives, economy and security”, Emmanuel Macron warns

Posted on February 25th. 2022 at 04:01 PMUpdated February 25th. 2022 at 04:09 PM

A solid and solemn message. Earlier this Friday afternoon, Parliamentary Speaker Richard Ferrand and his Senate counterpart Gerard Larcher were in front of parliamentarians with a message from Emmanuel Macron on the war in Ukraine. I read. This initiative is rare, as provided in Article 18 of the Constitution. It was last used in July 2002, shortly after Jacques Chirac elected Jean-Marie Le Pen.

“There are three obligations in France. First of all, do not give up on the basic principles of peace and collective security by firmly sanctioning their violations. […] Then we must work in solidarity to support the Ukrainian people and authorities. […] We must ultimately secure unity with our European partners and allies in order to protect our sovereignty, security and democracy, “Emmanuel Macron insists in his message. did.

“Geopolitical and historical turning points”

The head of state has returned to the steps taken since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron argued the importance of this crisis in the world’s march, as it was hours after the Russian attack began in a speech broadcast last Thursday. “The war in Ukraine marks a major geopolitical and historical turning point in the 21st century, risking the revival of the empire and border conflicts. This great crisis will affect our lives, economy and security. Will be given, “added the President of the Republic.

Earlier that day, Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer was reassured about the impact of the war on the French economy. He assured the country that it was “almost unexposed” to Russia, its “secondary economic partner.”

For Emmanuel Macron, we need to get results and strengthen Europe. This is what he has done since he entered the Elysee Palace in May 2017. Citizens who are obsessed with common values ​​and principles. In this regard, the EU must become more fully sovereign in terms of technical and military energy. “

Hollande and Sarkozy received at Elysée

In the morning, the President of France welcomed his two predecessors, Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, in Elysee. The two former presidents appeared in the same line as Elysee’s current occupants, while each making a proposal.

The first declared in favor of stricter sanctions on Russia. “I think sanctions, especially financial sanctions, must be further strengthened against the financial trading system so that Russia, its economy, and its leaders can be hit hard,” François Holland said. Said.

As Emmanuel Macron mentioned in his message to Parliament, sanctions have been confirmed against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov. This includes freezing bank accounts in the European Union. Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said their freedom of movement in Europe would be maintained in order to “enable possible negotiations.”

Review of multilateralism

On his side, Nicolas Sarkozy called for a review of multilateralism. “Today nothing works. NATO doesn’t work. G7 doesn’t work. The G20 I wanted to create doesn’t work. And even the United Nations swinging between indifference and immobility. We. In 2022, it was time to invent a system that would enable multilateralism in the 21st century, but we live with institutions that are from the 20th century. It’s up to France. […] Suggest major initiatives. The worst can happen from any crisis, but sometimes the best, “Nikolas Sarkozy pleaded.

Emmanuel Macron’s agenda remains taken up by the Ukrainian crisis. He will meet German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Paris on Monday. On Tuesday, there will be a debate in parliament and the Senate about the Ukrainian crisis.