Tragedy Macron and his dream of power

What a strange atmosphere at the start of the presidential election … The outlook for total war depends on Europe, but French political leaders do not seem to actually measure the situation.A perfect example of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mer: Former collaborator of Dominique de Villepin and trained at Quay Dorsey, the former collaborator last Tuesday. “Economic and financial war” To russia “total”To do so “Causes the collapse of the Russian economy”..

These words of war come at the very moment when French diplomacy announces that it wants to begin. “Release escalation” Around the Ukrainian conflict. Russian response does not know how to wait. Former President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, now Vice-Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev responded by posting threatening tweets in French and English. “The French minister said today that they have declared us an economic war. Gentleman, look at your speech! And that economic wars in human history have often turned into real wars. Please do not forget.” Finally, after the protests caused by his remarks, Bruno Le Mer tries to fix the situation a few hours later via AFP dispatch, where he regrets the term. “Inappropriate” of “Economic war”..

To make things clearer, just over 24 hours after the irresponsible retirement of the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron would like to say during the President’s speech: “We are not at war with Russia”.. The President of France takes this opportunity to recall that he has always sought dialogue with his Russian counterparts since the beginning of his five-year term. “I will keep in touch with President Putin as much as possible and as necessary.”..

Nevertheless, in this solemn intervention, the President of France seeks to dramatically represent the situation as he seeks to announce his candidacy for the presidential election. He especially says: “We must respond to the resurgence of this historical tragedy with historic decisions.”..this “Resurrection of tragedy”, Emmanuel Macron is not the first to announce it in his speech, speech, and writing. Several times he welcomed it and explained it as if he wanted to take advantage of it. “European history is becoming tragic again”..

This intuition, tested by the event, has proven to be particularly correct. For the French president, who has a good role as president, the changes in history and the world we are witnessing are of great men, great people who could hatch when Europe was still a great history. People who love Hegel, the philosopher he learned when he was young, who can finally raise him to height. As early as August 2017, pointHe demands the return of “heroism”..This statement strangely reflects an era emphasized and welcomed by the Western media. “heroism” Of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

magazine point Present the latter correctly on the cover “Hero of Liberty”He was ridiculed at his beginnings of politics as a mediocre actor who was in another life. At Emmanuel Macron, as many commentators have pointed out, he also has an excellent theater talent. Since his adolescence, the figure of a “hero” speaks to him through literature that he likes to devour. He wasn’t writing a picaresque novel, Babylon, BabylonSo did he talk about the adventures of Hernan Cortés, the Spanish conqueror who occupied the Aztec Empire?

This concern about staging has not left him since he arrived at Elysee. When Francois Hollande was terribly lacking in this perception of the impact of photography, his young successor was “printed” into the minds of people (and voters) in our ultra-mediated world. I quickly realized that it was just an image.Thus, this week of great tension for Europe (soldiers in all nations are deeply afraid of slipping into a major nuclear war), the United Nations statement In this sense …), the French president is trying to impose himself diplomatically, including using the media.

On Thursday, we learned through Elysee that he had been calling President Putin for a long time. “One and a half hours”. At the end of this interview, the castle did not hesitate to reveal some of the exchanges and express the strong concern of the French President who is currently considering it. “Nothing worse has come yet.”.. Strange words, here too “Release escalation”.. Communication from Elysée Verbatim In the conversation: Discover that Emmanuel Macron is familiar with his Russian opponent, and that he invited the latter. “Stop lying to yourself”..declare: “You tell yourself a story and look for excuses in any case. What you are telling me is not in line with reality, an ongoing military operation, or your country for a very long time. We cannot justify the fact that we are isolated, weakened, and placed under sanctions.

What does this “revelation” mean? Why perform this inevitably “masculine” exchange? What does this friendliness mean between two heads of state, one engaged in war? Is there a way to make the French understand that only the current President of France can rise to the heights of these “great men” in this world and confront them without self-satisfaction or concessions?

Guardian of the nation

After a few hours, the change in atmosphere is rapid. It’s as if Emmanuel Macron used the nerves of the French to like to blow hot and cold. In his “Letter to France” where he announces his candidacy, he (re) writes the history of his five-year term in the light of the crisis his country experienced: “France rarely faces such an accumulation of crises. We faced dignity and fraternity.”, He recalls. By presenting this thing, he can play with “all worth” at the time and put the yellow vest movement and pandemic on the same level …

It’s as if a fuss was pushed from the outside like a virus.This view “Tragedy”In ancient Greek fashion, it’s actually completely anti-historical and anti-political. The essence of the tragedy is to put ourselves in an unreasonable destiny and to die of the gods beyond us.Above all, it allows Emmanuel Macron to present himself as a great person. “protector” country’s.As a project, he announces what he wants “Building a strong Europe that can protect itself and influence the flow of history. »»

As of August 2017, everyone had forgotten him, but the young president point : “France must become a great power again”.. Because he can only be a great president with great power. The first hour macronist whispers to us: “His ambition for the next five years is to be the leader and only president of Europe.”.. Therefore, without the European Union, the Flood. Without Emmanuel Macron, it’s a mess.

If you admit that he doesn’t have in his letter “Not very successful”He is happy with it “Our industry has created jobs for the first time.” When “The changes made during this mission have allowed many of our compatriots to live better and France has gained independence.» » A few weeks ago, the Minister of Industry, who was interviewed by La Tribune of Agnes Pannier Lunachar, welcomed: “When Emmanuel Macron arrived in 2017, 1 million net industrial jobs were lost between 2000 and 2016, especially through our actions towards foreign investors, with 37,000 industrial jobs. Recreating industrial employment.

The reversal of this trend seems to be negligible. So far, Emmanuel Macron has not yet announced his project or his program just one month before the presidential election. But the language element is ready. LREM MP Aurore Bergé explained about RFI this morning: “The transformation of the country we embarked on from the beginning of our mission has enabled us to protect the French, confront and overcome the crisis. With this balance sheet. The President is participating in this campaign. ” However, this semantic skill cannot save a great explanation with the French before the fateful vote of the presidential election.And as I recall, in 2017, historian François Hartg “Watch Master”Is it just engaged and illustrated? Kairos The Greeks who were caught in the opportunity MetisBut never open a new time “? In 2017, Emmanuel Macron gave us ” new world “. What will happen in 2022?

Mark Endeweld.