Trade, distribution, basic food supply, economic management … : You have to redo everything

The despair of seeing things improve is equivalent to the disillusionment of citizens in the face of the powerlessness of public institutions to put an end to the actions of the network of speculators that are causing the increasingly lacking shortage.frequent

ODC wanted to reassure consumers about the availability of basic products in anticipation of the month of Ramadan. It’s supposed to be recorded, and ordinary humans want to accept her words about it. In addition, consumers are on the lookout for excavating a kilo of sugar or flour early in the morning (mysteriously, flour for certain specialty products is available, but … more expensive). Is waiting for it.

So far, the fact that no one has taught us how to control distribution and ensure regular supply for retailers at the level of both supermarkets, grocery stores and other small general grocery stores. Remains.

Indeed, this distribution issue remains a major unknown in this labyrinth, where economic management services, national guards, customs officers, and other competent authorities are responsible for investigating the cause of the evil.

Legitimate question

The seized products and commodities, and their market value, amount to billions and give ideas for the vastness of the task.These products have been confiscated Imported (or illegally entered the territory) or supplied from the factory.

Two questions arise. The first question is to know how these fruits were imported, and what steps these large amounts of bananas (pineapples came to fortify this tropical fruit) ultimately took. So there seems to be a simple answer. In the refrigerator somewhere?

The second is about operators who ordered and took charge of these tons of flour, semolina or sugar, oil and other consumer products and kept them in secret warehouses.

Lack of traceability

Without traceability, accomplices will be enforced at almost all levels and will continue to work in the absence of strict and enforceable laws, making it difficult to quickly track the chain and limit damage. In any case, these billions lost by speculators panicked consumers, caused the pain of family fathers, and organized to push him into the arms of those who weren’t waiting. You will be recovered with the next deficiency alert you learned, in order to restore their health and what they lost.

It should be noted that these problems of specific targeted shortages have begun to distort predictions since the opening of roads to carriers who have acquired the right and freedom to transport what is needed throughout the territory. Products taken from the factory or when leaving customs are lost in nature. No one knows where to land to guarantee great profits to speculators at the expense of the gradual choking that drives consumers into despair.

Heavy suspicion

The despair of seeing things improve is equivalent to the disillusionment of citizens with the powerlessness of public institutions to put an end to the actions of these established networks that continue to operate. A string.

After all, leaving people directly involved in production, distribution, and decision making for long periods of time seems like a big mistake.

These people have a complete lack of careful management and how to open the game and act as they please, pushing these officials towards negligence in a market that suffers from strict rules. You will infiltrate a speculator who has the talent to know.

Regardless of this aspect, the fact that producers are thinking of selling their products only to those who come with them does not help those who are trying to bring order to this sector. Hundreds of thousands of carriers (usually or secretly) supplying depots (normal or secret) across the road, and resellers, the overwhelming majority of whom do not have fixed addresses or licenses, maintain ambiguity and keep it. It makes it more difficult and subtle to the intervention of the economic control team.

By requesting the presentation of patents, you can start by setting traceability by securing a fixed address so that these operators can get supply from factories and producers.

Lost naturally

When they come out, these large quantities of often compensated products are lost in nature. Speculators who work as freelancers are just as responsible as supermarkets and other operators for the lack of creating an atmosphere that encourages confusion and panic.

I often remember that supermarkets have a regulatory role. Seeing the prices they often charge at the level of the overwhelming majority of products, we are tempted to conclude that they are not worthy of this trust. And while some of them have the courage to offer their customers refunds for products they find cheaper elsewhere, we can’t believe it while being supplied by the same supplier. We are facing a moderate price increase.

The “famous brand” was found guilty of tampering with the expiration date, unconsumable packaged products, and other accusations pointed out by management services. Would you like to blame the name of “this famous brand”? Of course, we haven’t been convicted yet, so we’re in the presumptive stage (do we go to the end of this case?), But who is the consumer, his sincerity and his health.

We have announced the promulgation of a law governing this distribution sector. Taking all these factors into account, we expect to place men and women who are determined to contribute to their efforts to end these irresponsible behaviors at the expense of consumers, if not restricted at best. will do. I was pushed to the limit and completely confused.