Third link: “more economical and safer” to choose between two tunnels, according to experts


Bruno Massicotte, author of the 2016 Third Link Report, said that choosing two tunnels connecting the city centres of Quebec and Levi’s was “economical” rather than building the largest tunnel boring machine. I think it’s safe. world.

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This is what a professor at Polytechnique Montréal said in an interview yesterday. newspaper..


“What I understand about the“ twin tube ”concept is the solution we adopted in 2016. It seems to have been proposed at that time in a report using two 15-meter tubes. [de diamètre] This allowed us to have three lanes on each tube, “he said.

According to him, “The first advantage of using two small tubes instead of a very large tube is that it is easier to build because it is a more conventional technique. The second is both tubes. This allows you to dig faster and reduce costs. Also, for security reasons, two tubes are interconnected every 200 meters, which is an emergency for police and firefighters. Intervention is improved.

Bridge preference

Experts are hiding their preference for additional bridges rather than one or two tunnels, while saying he is in favor of the third inter-river link principle he considers necessary for the Capitale-Nationale. not.

“Each has a row of strengths and weaknesses. But bridges are cheaper and faster to build. They are more flexible. On the bridges, dangerous goods can be transported, but in tunnels. If not, “he recalled.

“Traffic in tunnels is less flexible for users. It’s more of an urban boulevard than a highway,” he added.

Urban sprawl

Asked about the fears expressed by Mayor Marchan, Massicot agreed that “tunnels will promote the sprawl phenomenon in South Shore cities.” There are no changes to the North Shore. It is actually the South Shore people who will benefit from the tunnel. People on the North Shore will suffer due to increased traffic to already heavily congested areas such as Laurenshan and the Capital Highway.

Therefore, in his eyes, it is “very important” that the megaproject leaves a public transport option to quickly connect the two city centres.

Reaction to the project

Archived photos, Didier Debusschère

“Before the deal is signed, it will be 2025. It will be the next election. The third link has time to change location and size. […] Maybe they will come up with another variant in a year and a half or two. “

– Bruno Massicotte, Professor Ecole Polytechnic de Montreal

“No matter how much you improve public transport, you can’t make a profit. It always takes an hour. Conversely, if you have a direct line within 15 minutes that connects the city center, you’re talking about the future.

– Mayor of Levi’s, Gilles Lehouillier

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