“They are waiting for me to die”: The irony of La Baroise insurance in the face of a patient accused of cancer

Samia, a victim of her gynecologist’s malpractice, suffers from systemic cancer and her days are counted. She must fight at every stage to recognize her rights and confront the passiveness of La Baroise, a doctor’s specialty insurance convicted of serious physical injury due to her negligence. became.

A constant battle. This is how Samia (who changed her name) in her 40s describes the past seven years. It would have first been necessary to fight her medical field, which gave her for her dead and certain doctors who despised her. Then lead a long court battle to admit her medical malpractice she was a victim of. Finally, today it is La Baroise Insurance that is holding back to consider claims for compensation.

It all started on January 16, 2015. Due to the lump she felt on one of her breasts and under her armpits, Samia consulted with her gynecologist, Doctor M, who sent her some of her friends with complete confidence. did. Two young children, Samia’s mother, who were 42 at the time, are worried. Dr. M., a former executive of the HUG Maternity Unit, who is highly recognized in his field, is currently practicing at a private clinic in Geneva and will soon accept her, but at best he has an infectious disease. Explaining will wipe out her concerns. “What doctors call” polyplane “., Samia explains today. “I often have health problems, so they have a priori things that consist of thinking that I’m listening too much to myself. When Dr. M examined me. , My chest palpation made him sick because of my overweight, and I got the impression that he was doing the bare minimum of the union.

Doctor with teary eyes

According to his medical notes, the practitioner nevertheless notices the ball under his left armpit, but does not emphasize it. He does not perform new palpation during the next appointment, organized by the patient for the disability she imagines to be associated with premenopausal onset, but Samia reported twice in April anyway. Remember that on June 4th and 27th, 2016, these balls are “still there”. Then he would claim what he didn’t remember.

At the same time, Samia is getting sick, entangled in her chest, falling asleep at the table while feeding her children, and suffering from increasingly incapacitating pain in the upper back.

It is finally following these acute pains that she makes an appointment with a general practitioner first and then a rheumatologist. On November 1, it was his osteopath who faced persistent pain and refused to continue treatment without diagnostic imaging. The next day, a scanner and subsequent additional x-ray examinations revealed the worst. The tumor in the left breast has spread to various points in the frame, from the neck to the lower back and even to the lungs. The cancer has spread because the diagnosis was delayed for nearly two years.

Samia still remembers seeing a novice doctor breaking down during an oncology examination at HUG on November 1, 2016. “He was paralyzed and looked at me with tears and wet eyes. He returned to having a child of the same age as me. I was shocked and asked if he could talk about the possibility of recovery. When I asked him, he replied that I could only live for 6 months at the most. The situation that has been repeated since each control. “For 5 years, the doctor who read my file made me like a miracle. Look and blame me for complaining about the side effects. “