These new price increases awaiting you in 2022

It’s time to calculate and compare. Auto insurance contracts will increase by 0.5-2% in 2022, according to experts contacted by MoneyVox. For multi-risk home insurance, there is an increase of 1.5% -4%. Optimistic.

Car insurance

Increase in the range of 0.5% to 2%

For questions about the image after the controversy over the benefits gained during captivity, Moderation In 2022 we will impose ourselves on car insurance companies. Therefore, Maif has announced that it will freeze the price again.Especially since There are few customer departures In 2021, it was recorded in the portfolio more than in the previous year. And if all insurers don’t follow this move, commensals who concentrate one of the two contracts in France are close to 0% fluctuations if traditional companies can push up to 2%. Cyrille Charter-Kastler estimates that it is the founder of Facts & Figures. As a result, the forecast is between 0.5% and 1%. The Addactis company estimates that if Fabien Soccio, an insurance expert at broker Meilleurtaux, expects a 1% increase, the average increase will be 2%. The average effective growth rate in 2021 was 0.2%.

Spare parts break the market

If the price has risen for several years Despite the calm expected in 2022, the mass sales of SUVs, the rise of electric vehicles, and the increased costs of repairs and spare parts have to do with it. The Automotive Safety Repair Association (SRA) has confirmed that prices for car spare parts have skyrocketed in recent years (+ 6% in 2019, + 5.8% in 2020). The average annual rate from 2012 to 2020 is 3.6%. Over the same period, car insurance increased by only 0.6% per year from € 418 to € 437, or € 2.40 per year. According to factual and numerical data, if the windshield exceeds € 800, a rearview mirror full of electronics can be charged up to € 780 per piece, excluding the labor force.

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At the same time, the hourly wage will increase. For example, + 11% for bodybuilders. The situation may change on January 1, 2023, with a law liberating the market for visible spare parts (fenders, bonnets, bumpers, windshields, lights, mirrors). Olivier Mustacakis of comparable estimates that a 6-15% drop in spare parts is expected once the manufacturer’s monopoly ends. The same price range as given by the competition authorities.

Competition is on the consumer side

But if the price doesn’t soarIt’s thanks competition Especially the possibility of terminating his contract at any time. The commercial battle is fierce among insurance companies, emphasizing Olivier Mustacakis. New entrants to the market, especially 100% online players, are limiting price spikes with an aggressive pricing policy and a desire to offer à la carte contracts that are reviewed annually. They claim Abdellah Nasri of Partners Conseils Assurances, based on the fact that customers a few years later with insurance companies pay for commercial offers designed to attract new customers.

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Bank insurance companies also offer increasingly efficient contracts with reasonable premiums. According to Facts & Figures, their market share has been steadily increasing since 2015, thanks to the power of commercial networks.

Home insurance

Increase in the range of 1.5% to 3.5%

How will contracts evolve in 2022 for multi-risk home insurance? According to facts and numerical assumptions, already signed contracts are expected to increase premiums by 1-1.5%. Average amount 270 euros.. Fabien Soccio sees an increase he considers moderate when Addactis expects a higher average of 3.5%. The average growth rate in 2020 was 0.2%, but in 2022, the equivalent evolution announced for his part, Olivier Mustacakis, is expected.

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On the other hand, everyone agrees on the expected cause of the increase. Climate risk is exploding. From 2016 to 2020 Natural disasters cost nearly 1 billion euros annually.. Result: The recent increase in home insurance premiums of about 2% per year is just the beginning. The sector was expecting it, but it’s here, says Fabien Soccio. The exception will be normal. After summer floods and fires, the frequency and intensity of climate hazards will increase. According to him, Insurance premiums will continue to rise for at least 10 yearsThe time the contract responds to the risk.

Reassess contracts in the face of climate risk

Taxes levied on home insurance contracts to support the Natural Disaster Compensation Fund resulted in € 1.7 billion in 2021. The reward paid is 2 billion euros, Underline Olivier Mustacakis. This tax was basically 5.5%, but now it is 12% of the total insurance premium. According to experts, it should approach 20% within a few years.

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