These funds in euros less than LivretA

The Livret A rate went from 0.5 to 1% at the beginning of the year. Increasing making preventive savings accounts a good option for growing your money. Indeed, yields on some funds in the euro are much lower, especially when taxation is taken into account.

It’s time to buy shares in the 2021 life insurance premium season. The euro-denominated fund vintage was announced like a bad year. And that was in some of those cases. The rise in Livret A rates on February 1st made them obsolete. 1% excluding tax.. According to the classification by (GVfM), dozens of contracts are well below this iconic bar. Return to the largest funding flop in the euro.

Intensive HorizonDistributed by Wealth Management Advisor, Apicil LifeShows a 0.5% return (1) For that Apicil Euro Select Fund. Therefore, Apicil is one of the poorest students in 2021 safe media yields, as in the previous year.

The Savings bank It is also at the top of the 2021 Euro Fund Flop Basket. Its old Initiative Plus and Transmission, Yoga, Akido, and Ricoche contracts grant a 0.5% rate that hasn’t changed since 2020. 3D and nuance grenadine policy. His Millevie Essentielle deal, managed by BPCEVie, has announced a 0.75% return.

and Crédit Agricole, Predissime 9 Series 2 contract rewards are also included in this ranking. The Europredica Fund remains at 0.65%, which is equal to the 2020 rate.

Postal bank Shows a rate of 0.65% to the fund in euros for range contracts Vivaccio Insured by CNP Assurance.

To People’s Bank, The consumer policy Horizo ​​and Horizo ​​2 euro-denominated funds managed by BPCEVie are at the bottom of the rankings. 2021 performance 0.80% down 0.75 However, under certain conditions, your reward may be increased. This bonus is actually reserved for the biggest savers, thanks to a discount on administration fees from € 15,000 and access to more favorable rates from € 120,000.

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Brusolama Life, ING Direct Life When Monabank Life Premium: All of these life insurance policies have in common the Euroshima Euro Fund, a generalization insurance company dedicated to life insurance policies distributed over the internet. Also, it is only 0.75%, which is lower than Livret A.

AG2RLa Mondiale’s Vivpargne series 0.76% in 2021 For that euro fund. The reward for 2020 was still 1%. Terre de Vie contracts backed by general assets are 0.86%, up to 1.50% for customers who make up 60% of the account’s units.

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On the Socit Generale side, the range Essential Maple Shows the basic rate of 0.75% (up to 1.76% bonus)..For his contract SquireThe basic rate is the same, but the bonus is 1.84%..

That contract Navig’Options Creddy Mutuel Arca announces fund rates in euros 0.85% for free management 1.2% for delegated management.

What is your Euro Fund made of?

Funding in euros is made up 80% or more bonds, In other words, debt securities. Low-profit, low-risk financial assets in this category generate regular income thanks to coupons equivalent to investment interest. Therefore, insurers can guarantee to savers that they will not incur significant capital losses through euro-denominated funds.

Taxation on the return of funds in euros

But be careful, You also need to integrate taxes to see if your euro funding is more efficient than your Livret A rewards... Although it appears in the annual report after deducting administration fees, the return of the Euro Fund is not tax deducted. With all contracts Annual interest is immediately deducted from the social security contribution (17.20%).. Therefore, the 1% return announced in 2021 will be just under 0.83%. It is also worth remembering that some of your income may be subject to income tax, depending on the amount and date of your withdrawal.

Therefore, some contracts with a net profit of over 1% will eventually fall below the rate of the Livret A account after deducting social contributions. This is the case, for example, with BNP Paribas and its base rate of 1.10. Contractual% Multi-investment, multi-investment pre-bilge and cardiff elite..With the exception of bonuses, deducting social security contributions will increase interest rates on the BNP Paribas Cardiff Euro Fund. 0.91%..

If you get one of these contracts, it may be in your interest to request a transfer to another, more interesting contract offered by the insurance company. Or open another contract with better profits and lower commissions.

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(1) All returns are deducted from management fees but before social and tax credits.