These economic bombs that could fall to the Russian billionaires of the Cote d’Azur

In its commercial version, Dreamliner It can accommodate up to 330 passengers. However, it was the property of a man named Roman Abramovich who took off from Nice this Thursday at 9:58 am.

There is nothing to confirm that the Russian oligarch, the boss of the Chelsea football club, was on board. Perhaps he simply took precautions to protect his latest toys … the first Russian missile fell into Ukrainian soil.

Roman Abramovich was unable to move the luxurious villa Château de la Chloe on Cape Antibes to Moscow and sent the super-luxury Boeing 787 back to Moscow. Presented as Russia’s most expensive, this private plane must be said to have cost him more than $ 300 million last year. The main target of economic strikes that can occur in retaliation for the annexation of Russia.

This is a threat swayed by the European Union. She did not discourage Vladimir Putin from crossing the border of Donbus. It’s probably more worrisome about Russian oligarchs, and for some Ukrainians who have invested some of their billions in the west in recent years. Especially in Cote d’Azur.

“Take out!”

This is the case for Abramovich, who created the top page of Abramovich when the hostilities began this Thursday. Sun Under this title: “Take out!” literally, “Get out!”

The British tabloid did not get in the way to tell “Putin’s friend” that he wasn’t. “No longer welcomed in England”..

Europe has been happy to blacklist Duma’s 357 parliamentarians, Kremlin members, and most of its staff, but the UK has expanded its weapons of sanctions to three businessmen. It is the first country to do. That’s true, as the US Treasury has already pointed out since the merger of Crimea in 2014.

Therefore, London decided 48 hours ago to freeze the assets of the Gennady Timchenko and Rothenberg brothers.

Weekend at Le Lavandou for Gas Mogul

It is not yet known if France will do the same. These millionaires have a foothold not just for the entire channel. These slab-like names also reverberate on this side of the Mediterranean.

Timchenko, who was elected to the French-Russian CCI in 2011, also wears the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on the collar of his jacket. Description “One of the most influential people in Russia “Leading the wealth of an estimated 21.7 billion people in 2019, making him one of the 50 wealthiest people in the world. It is his luxury property in Le Lavandou, Var, that this gas mogul Russian comes almost every weekend. Find a rest.

Saint-Jean-Cap-Fera, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Eze, Mouans-Sartou

Arkady Rotenberg, he no longer enjoys the tranquility of Saint-Jean-Cap-Fera. What prevents him from doing so is not the sanctions imposed on him by the US government in 2014 … but his divorce from Natalia. Separation that can be expressed as turbulence. To the point of making a local headline last summer. To persuade his ex-wife to leave Shoshana’s villa on the billionaire peninsula, Arkadi Rothenberg would not hesitate to send him some great weapons.

Natalia seized Beaulieu-sur-Mer genderme in July 2021 to condemn the invasion Manu military one “30 Chechen terrorists” What she considers to be her Cote d’Azur. In the Rothenberg family, her brother Boris chose to grow a little and establish her own height.In the alley of the eagle’s nest, he is nicknamed “Millionaire of Eze”.. In fact, he will be a beneficiary, or at least a tenant, of 17 hectares of real estate in Muang Sartu through the Tannor 2 company founded in Monaco.

French Riviera villas, jets and yachts

Rothenberg has angered Americans and British not only because of its proximity to the Kremlin’s influential figure, who gave billions of euros in public contracts from Sochi during the Olympics. Above all, it is for them that Vladimir Putin has entrusted the mission of building a bridge between Crimean and Russia after the annexation.

Before the battlefield, Ukraine’s separatist territory was a lucrative market for oligarchs. Billions of them reached the shore and turned into stones, private jets and oversized yachts. Not just because of historical connections and warm climates. In recent years, Southern France has become the stocking of these millionaire wool. They know better than anyone that the Kremlin’s mood can be undone as quickly as fate is created.

Today, war is threatening them. An economic war in which shells that fall on Donbus can reverberate in our soil. Voices have already been raised, especially Raphaël Glucksmann’s European adjutant, Raphaël Glucksmann, calling for a seizure without delay. “Courchevel Chalet and Cote d’Azur Villa”..

Ukraine’s wealthiest man … and Cote d’Azur

He will be the richest in Ukraine. This did not prevent President Volodymyr Zelensky, now the head of the war-torn country, from making it his pet for several months. And justification: Ukrainian head of state accuses billionaire Rinat Akhmetov of instigating a coup to defeat him last December! Energy mogul from Donetsk, one of the separatist exclaves of Donbus, where Russia has just intervened militarily, has denied it.He will only fight for “Free Ukraine [et] Free economy “.

His personal property, the son of this miner, succeeded not only in coal but also in metallurgy during the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is also a carrier and news agency boss today. Rinat Akhmetov will very simply be the largest employer in the country. The wealthiest of his compatriots, his wealth is close to 10 billion. He’s more than enough to buy a pie a teru on the beach.

200 million euro villa in Saint-Jean-Capella

He also succumbed to the charm of Southern France. The president of the Donetsk football club did more than just provide a villa. In 2020, he signed one of the largest acquisitions in the history of ultra-luxury on the Riviera: € 200 million! It was paid by Ahmetov to pay for Resedre, the former property of King Leopold II of Belgium, before being purchased by the Marnier Lapostle family, who developed this 14-hectare plot in the center of Sun. Deaf price. -In addition to Jean-Cap-Ferrat, luxury mansions, chapels, stables, concierges, and one of the richest botanical gardens.

Therefore, Rinat Akhmetov was, so to speak, a neighbor of another Ukrainian citizen, who could find himself in the sight of the European Union and was targeted by the freeze on the assets of the oligarchs, which were considered too close to the Kremlin. : Dimitry Firtash. About 15 years ago, through SCILM Holding, he bought the villa “La Moresque” on the still millionaire peninsula for € 24 million. This oligarch is considered a major player in gas and oil exports from Russia and Asia Minor to Europe via Ukraine.

Putin himself came to his rescue in 2005 when Dmitro Filtersh was involved in a financial scandal before the relationship between Kiev and Moscow deteriorated. Today, the kind of acquaintance who is at risk of making large payments when having assets in the west.