“The use of economic weapons masks our powerlessness in enforcing international law.”

Ukraine has just seized the International Court of Justice for a serious border breach, in the voice of the President. It’s a decision a few years later. “We call on Russia to respect humanitarian law in all situations.” Declare the representative of France at the United Nations. Of course, Russia rejected any accusations. So what is the use of international law in the era of these wars in Ukraine, where the dynamics of human rights are embedded?

Common foundation

On what basis should people around the world, or most of them, unite to show solidarity with those who are resisting, despite their differences? Without human rights dynamics (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948), how to reach the brave Ukrainian population, and the Russian group condemning the attack? “Ignorance of human rights has led to barbaric acts.” Claim this text. Today we can share this observation and build a global solidarity campaign. And it makes no sense to all victims to benefit from it.

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How can we expect an interdependent global society without the minimum common rules? Traders around the world have long understood this. Wouldn’t a simple desire to survive impose rules of action? We have a wealth of text, surveillance and sanctions mechanisms, but we don’t have the courage to implement them.

Risk of alienation

The Council of Europe, consisting of 47 countries, including Russia, has decided to suspend the rights of this country. Dictator Putin obviously doesn’t care! But sooner or later this will affect his political, diplomatic, or commercial image. Separatist South Africa, Soviet Union Gorbachev understood this under pressure from traders. How can you imagine an agreement with a country that doesn’t seem to respect the word in an increasingly interdependent world?

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Do you coordinate your actions on human rights? At least in the face of the most scandalous situations, it will still be necessary for so-called noble nations to adapt their political and diplomatic actions to the defense of human dignity. Did you forget the 1933 Goebbels intervention before the League of Nations? “Charbonnier is the master of your home. Make sure you deserve our socialists, pacifists, and Jews. »» And we allow them.

Decades later, the idea of ​​regulating the “right to humanitarian intervention” in the face of the most serious crimes took hold. Attempts to organize within the United Nations in the 1990s, but at the dawn of the 21st century, the desire for consensus disappeared in the name of national sovereignty, and especially in the name of the most powerful cowards. .. Politics is not made with good feelings, but it does not trust itself by forgetting the ethical horizon.

Sacrifice in the economic field

We are talking about “economic sanctions”. It’s as if the economy is trying to invent a response that neither politics nor the military offers us. Interdependence works in both ways. If we also rely on them, it is difficult to close all financial and economic circuits. The use of economic weapons to hide our powerlessness in enforcing international law is not a pain for those who will feel the impact.

Are you ready?This is where the shoes pinch: our “Acts of faith in human values ​​and dignity” It’s not a neutral slogan. Respect for human rights can affect the way we organize our economy and consumption by accepting sacrifices. The World Trade Organization has taken years to understand the relationship between economics and human rights, but today it ignores it. Business first !!

Human rights education

Another area of ​​urgent need to work for human rights is education. To not only awaken the actual citizens participating in public affairs, but also to embody some common ideals: “All human beings are born free, equal in dignity and rights … and must act towards each other in the spirit of brotherhood.” »» Respect for dignity is learned or at least awakened: refusal of all discrimination. Awaken important abilities in serving a barbaric society.

If society forgets the horizon that set itself, it makes no sense to remind the scammers to respect his words. Putin’s victims are at the center of their own resistance and have no other horizon. They are worth the effort.