“The United States can be based on the dollar”


Augustin de Colnet, an economic intelligence expert, graduate of the Faculty of Economic Warfare and author of “World Competition and Economic Intelligence” published by Valeurs Addées, was a guest of “Berkhof in All States”.

“”First of all, you may need to make an observationAugustinde Colnet explains. It may be necessary to return to the 2000s, when fierce competition that became global competition gradually occurred. It is this global competition that French companies are facing. No one gives gifts to others in this global competition“Judge the author of, Global competition and economic intelligence..

“”See the Australian submarine case. You have a Navy group that is the flagship of France. It manufactures French submarines, but has lost an A $ 50 billion contract in Australia.He says. It was in the interests of Americans. There are other cases where you can talk about China. From 2007 to 2008, we started fake bidding to get high-speed trains. She did it solely to regain the technical memory of Alstom Train, a western company of the former bomber Siemens. now, China exports trains around the world, including the domestic market.“, Augustine de Cornet explains.


Economic Information: “How can French companies protect themselves?”

“”The last example of a stain, the Alstom case. There is a French company called Alstom Énergie, which was acquired by American competitor Général. ElectricityHe explains. They are power generation specialists. This is made possible thanks to the services of the US Department of Justice. Alstom Énergie was fined and weakened before being purchased“.

“”I tried to ask myself. How can French companies protect themselves if they do not anticipate all the threats they face? The author explains Global competition and economic intelligence.. I went to meet about 20 business intelligence experts. These include security directors, finance managers and professionals working in economic intelligence companies for the large CAC 40 group. Every time I asked what the risks and threats the company was facing. I tried to create a true general panorama of threats that affect the company.. This book contains all the offensive processes that the country and other foreign companies have taken against French companies.“.

“The United States has a true toolbox for convicting European companies.”

“”I have been tracking the risks of economic intelligence for over 3 yearsAugustinde Colnet explains. What I can say is that extraterritoriality in American law continues to do a lot of damage. You are a French company, I can take over the business of Alstom. They have been accused of corruption, especially in Indonesia. This is what Mr. Pierucci was accused of. You have been convicted and accused locally. Americans pick up what’s in the local press They will sue you in front of their court. Even if it’s not up to them. They depend on their currency, the dollar“, A graduate of the Faculty of Economic Warfare explains.

“”You need to know that all French companies are trading in dollars. It can also be based on a subsidiary residing in the United States, an American related to the United States, Gmail or data stored on a server … Augustin de Cornet explains. They have a true toolbox to blame European companies. From 2010 to 2019, French companies paid more than $ 14 billion to American justice under American law.“.

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