The tragedy of San Roland Lasarank: Defendant suspected of wanting to steal insurance by burning grocery stores


On February 14, a detective truck was officially privileged as part of an investigation into a fire and explosion that killed eight people, including two young children, in San Roland Rasarank.

Perpignan prosecutor Jean David Cavaile confirms that a technical investigation conducted by the Pontoise IRCGN (National Gendarmerie Criminal Institute) permits. “To eliminate the use of explosives and the presence of gas leaks in the city (A dwelling devastated by a tragedy not connected to the notes of the city gas editor) “, they established it regarding the origin of the tragedy of Saint Laurent de la Salak. “The point of the explosion was the epicenter of the grocery store.” Located on the first floor of the building.They came to light “The presence of fire activators that are incompatible with the products (hydrocarbons) on the market and can generate flammable vapors and cause atmospheric explosion-type explosions.”

Hearings and findings conducted by soldiers in the research department of the Montpellier gendarmerie led to the arrest of three suspects detained by police last week. Among them, a 27-year-old young Algerian was severely burned, who should have been in business at the time of the event in irregular circumstances. He was charged with “the violent destruction of fire that causes death and injury.” A 43-year-old grocery store owner and a 40-year-old relative were charged with “accomplices” for the same charges. According to our sources, we first ignited our business and admitted that we participated in insurance fraud. The other two are suspected of having ordered or participated in surgery and will deny it altogether. Nonetheless, businesses would have been soaked in gasoline in various places and fuel vapors would have exploded. Was there a deliberate shot? Did the switch or spark cause an explosion? Was the young secret surprised? Three men were imprisoned until further investigation was conducted.


10 investigators from a special investigation unit called “Explo 66”

For the purposes of this investigation, the gendarmerie has deployed very important human and physical resources. Especially for the management of events and public order and morals, where 30 soldiers were mobilized from the moment of tragedy. However, it is also in the investigation stage to look for traces and clues and identify all victims with the help of a team of experts from the Military Police Criminal Research Institute (IRCGN). A team specializing in fires and explosives was also hired for forensic operations aimed at identifying the cause of the fire with the help of a police dog specializing in searching for accelerated products from the tour. rice field. Finally, a crime scene correction team supported by remote drone pilots from the Pyrénées-Orientales group provided investigators with assistance in providing the most accurate 3D images possible. Without counting all the technicians in the department’s criminal identification and the reinforcements of the group of yellows.

Strictly speaking, for the judicial investigation, the general manager of the National Gendarmerie gathered 10 researchers from the research department of Montpellier and the Rivesaltes military police company to establish the national investigation unit “EXPLO66”. “The gendarmerie also did not hesitate to invest its resources to ensure the tranquility of on-site investigations and to assist investigators in all actions, including on-site investigations and witness hearings.Add a floor. The City Hall of San Roland Lasarank has made its site and all resources available to ensure that the survey is conducted in the best possible condition. The city police of San Roland Lasarank were also very helpful in gathering the key factors for a successful investigation.