“The Luxembourg continues to encourage insurance.”

Does the founder’s spirit in the day-to-day management of foyer remain today?

Mark Lauer. – “Family values ​​remain, but entrepreneurial and innovative spirits for the future remain.

How can you convey to the younger generation the values ​​that made it possible to find a group?

“We put talent management at the heart of our strategy and have a strong employer brand, support program, training and career prospects.

How has the current crisis changed the way you do business?

“I think the health crisis has increased and improved our communication, especially in remote areas. In addition, the crisis has increased the team’s accountability and autonomy in missions entrusted to the team. It has improved.

Since the beginning of the crisis, there has been much talk about corporate digitization. Has digitization accelerated for a year at your location?

“For years, we’ve been developing ambitious digitalization programs that include the entire company, a large scale called the’Digital Workplace’that has experienced tremendous boost over the last two years. Contains the program.

What is your next digitization project?

“To be precise, it is a continuation of the in-house” Digital Workplace “program. And for our customers, continuous development of new features in myFoyer space.

What will happen to the booming markets in the future, both in terms of products in demand and from a geographical perspective?

“From a product perspective, customers are increasingly seeking offers that meet ESG standards, such as insurance that promotes green initiatives and even savings products based on more sustainable funds. From a geographical perspective, Luxembourg. With its large market share in, we are also exploring cross-border development and are finding interesting opportunities in the development of global health, a health insurance sector for expatriates.

Our clients are increasingly seeking offers that respect ESG standards.

Mark Lauer

Mark Lauer, & nbsp CEO, & nbsp Foyer

What if you could make one request to the government to support your sector / business?

“We want to ensure that Luxembourg remains a favorable land for insurance. A single European market must remain strong and have sound and intelligent regulation of the sector.

How do you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What are your goals in this area?

“One of the pillars of our strategy is corporate social responsibility, and we also have an ESR label from INDR. Very specific actions such as installing solar panels and reducing power and paper consumption. In addition, we are committed to complying with ESG standards for investment.

How does the group integrate the climate crisis into its business model?

“While no insurer can solve this crisis with foyer alone, we consult with all relevant stakeholders, including insurers, governments and reinsurers, to adapt our products and develop solutions. Can be provided.

What are the new risks you have to deal with?

“Tomorrow’s challenges for our society are digitalization, the climate crisis, and the aging of the population. Each of these challenges creates risks and questions that insurers must seek answers to.

If you need to emphasize an important date in the history of your company, why and why?

“In 2014, Foyer SA was abandoned on the stock market and refocused on family equity holdings.”

This interview is
Paperjam + Delano Business Guide 2022 Edition,
Published on January 21, 2022.