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Washington: The United States is preparing to vaccinate people who are in close contact with monkeypox patients. Currently, the number of cases is expected to increase in countries with five possible or confirmed cases.

“We want to maximize the distribution of vaccines to people who are known to benefit,” Jennifer McKistton, manager of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said on Monday. rice field.

“That is, people who have had contact with known monkeypox patients, such as caregivers, especially those at risk of developing severe monkeypox, have very close personal contact,” he said at a press conference. Stated.

One case has been identified in Massachusetts and the other four are about to be analyzed, but are considered very likely (one in New York, one in Florida, and two in Utah. ). All are men who have traveled outside the United States.

A low-risk cousin of smallpox, the disease has been eradicated for about 40 years, starting with a high fever and quickly developing into a rash and scabs.

What is intriguing and worrisome to experts is the simultaneous appearance of cases in many countries, especially Europe, regardless of returning from African countries where the disease is endemic.


U.S. officials confirm that the sequence of virus detected in Massachusetts matches that identified in a Portuguese patient, the strain is in West Africa and is less serious of the two circulating. Did.

Most infected people recover spontaneously within 2-4 weeks without special treatment.

However, US authorities are still preparing for a response.

Two vaccines are available for smallpox approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The first ACAM2000 is a live attenuated vaccine and is not recommended for people with weakened immunity. There are 100 million doses in the United States.

Jennifer McKistton estimated that the large distribution would require “real discussion” because of the “potentially significant” side effects.

The second Jynneos is also a live vaccine, but it is considered safer because it is a non-replicating vaccine. Authorities say the US dose is only 1,000, but that number is “expected to grow rapidly in the coming weeks.”

According to her, the data show that these two vaccines, if given immediately after exposure, may help prevent the onset of the disease.

She also emphasized that the risk of pollution generally remains low for the population.

According to epidemiologist John Brooks, some of the most endangered populations are people with weakened immunity and people with certain skin conditions such as eczema.


The rash caused by monkeypox leads to lesions that can be concentrated in specific areas or spread throughout the body. In some cases, a rash may appear on the genitals or around the anus in the first stages of the disease.

Infection of the virus is via long-term skin contact with a person with active lesions, or through respiratory droplets from a person who has oral lesions and is in close proximity to another for some time. ..

Scientists are concerned that an increase in the number of cases may indicate a new type of infection, but so far there is no concrete evidence to support this theory, Jennifer McKistton said. rice field.

Therefore, the increased number of cases may be associated with specific transmission events within the gay community that explain the higher prevalence among homosexual and bisexual men.

However, according to John Brooks, that does not mean that “the current risk of exposure to monkeypox is only relevant to the gay and bisexual communities.”

The CDC is also developing treatment guidelines that will enable the deployment of the already approved antivirals tecovirimat and brinsidefovir for the treatment of smallpox.