The IMF fears “catastrophic” consequences for the global economy

“Ravaged”. This is how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) explained the impact of the growing conflict in Ukraine on the world economy.

In addition to the conflict itself, Western sanctions imposed on Russia “will have ancillary impact on other countries and will have a significant impact on the global economy and financial markets,” he warned the IMF. Even if forecasts continue to be affected by “abnormal uncertainty,” the agency points out that “the economic impact is already very serious.”

Oil barrels are close to $ 120

Soaring energy and raw material prices, oil barrels approaching $ 120, and gas megawatt-hour (MWh) prices in Europe over € 200 add to the inflationary pressures we already knew. Covid-19 The world before Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a result of a pandemic and global logistics crisis.

“Rising prices will affect the world, especially low-income households where food and energy spending occupies a majority of the budget above average,” the IMF predicts.

The bill is not “painless” as the French warned Ecology Transition Minister Barbara Pompiri on Friday in French information. In France, for example, credit insurer Euler Hermes estimates that energy consumption in French households will increase by € 400 this year, reaching € 2,800.

“If they want to limit the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on economic growth, the United States will have no choice but to apply public support to their homes,” estimates Anabota, director of economic research at Euler Hermes. increase. Envelopes required for France are 1 billion euros.

Government assistance

Governments are forced to retrieve checkbooks again to support businesses and households. On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron urged the Prime Minister to develop an “economic and social resilience plan” to address the difficulties arising from the conflict, especially the rising prices of energy and raw materials. tomorrow”.

Already, the “tariff shield” for gas prices has been extended until the end of 2022 and was decided in October by Barbara Pompiri, announced on Friday in the French information, and the block of personal gas prices will end in June 2022 in principle. is what happened. ?? So far, the 2020 budget has mobilized € 1.2 billion to make up for this freeze with gas suppliers. Therefore, envelopes that are inevitably heavy.

So far, the price of pumps is soaring. And that’s just the beginning. At RMC Thursday, System U president Dominique Schelcher said he expects “fuel spikes in the next few days” in France. The day before, the French Petroleum Industry Union (Ufip). When “we were already at historic highs,” he warned that pump prices could rise “a few cents per liter.”

Wheat and corn prices skyrocket

In addition to energy prices, wheat and corn prices are exploding. On Friday, the first rise was 7.92% to 412 euros / ton and the second rise was 6.33% to 403 euros / ton, also breaking records in the European market. Ukraine is the supply center for agricultural raw materials. In terms of metal, nickel is above the $ 30,000 / ton level, the first since 2008.

On the ground, the battle continues. Russian troops attacked Mariupol’s strategic port again on Saturday, continuing to move forward elsewhere in Ukraine and fought fiercely around the capital Kyiv.

The Russian Ministry of Security said, “Because the Ukrainian side is hesitant to influence nationalists or extend the’ceasefire’, it will attack from 6 pm Moscow time or 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time. The operation has resumed. “

Monday talks between Russians and Ukrainians

Ukrainians have postponed the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol in the Black Sea and another besieged city several hours ago because of a ceasefire violation by Russian troops. As a result of continued fighting in Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis has been exacerbated, with 1.37 million people already evacuated abroad since the start of the invasion on February 24, according to the latest UN counts.

In the siege of Mariupol, Russian troops approach Kyiv, encounter stubborn resistance, and even bomb apartment buildings, including Chernigifu, 150 km north of the capital. Dozens of civilians were killed here. The AFP team who went there on Saturday saw a scene of devastation in their residential area while Moscow said they weren’t targeting them. The artillery is at the gate of the capital.

On Saturday morning, Ukrainian Defense Minister Olexi Reznikov admitted that the Russians had gone in several directions. He accused Moscow of changing tactics and chasing civilians after encountering strong Ukrainian resistance. In the 10 days of the battle, the Russians have made great strides in the territory of Ukraine, but so far they have occupied only two major cities in the Black Sea, Berdyans’k and Kherson.

According to Ukrainian officials, negotiations for the third round with Russians will take place on Monday. However, it seems unlikely that progress will be made. Russian President Vladimir Putin said dialogue with Kyiv is possible only if “all Russian demands”, especially Ukraine and its “forced” “neutral and non-nuclear” status, are accepted. I warned. Demilitization “.

He further emphasized on Saturday that any country Russia is trying to impose a no-fly zone on Ukraine would be considered a co-belligerence country. This is the claim of the Ukrainian government.

Ukraine demands fighters from Westerners

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister told his American counterpart that he met on Saturday one-on-one that his country needed fighters and air defense systems and called the Ukrainian government’s refusal a “sign of weakness.” Told. Ukraine zone.

Dmytro Kuleba told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the briefing. “It’s a well-known fact that our greatest demand is for fighters, assault jets and air defense systems,” he said at a meeting at the Ukraine-Polish border.


Russia was able to attack Vienna’s nuclear deal with Iran with torpedoes

The agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons brought hope that Iran’s oil could be trusted, but Moscow intervened in the file. Russia demanded from Washington on Saturday that before resuming Iran’s nuclear deal, sanctions aimed at it for Ukraine would not relate to cooperation with Tehran. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said the sanctions imposed on Russia in the Ukrainian conflict caused “problems” from Moscow’s point of view on Iran’s nuclear power. This request from Russia came because indirect talks between Iran and the United States on the protection of the 2015 agreement to govern Tehran’s nuclear activities seemed to be on the verge of success. A request for negotiations between Tehran and the world powers to revive the 2015 nuclear deal is “not constructive,” Iran’s officials told Reuters. It came shortly after Tehran stated that it had agreed on a roadmap with the United Nations Nuclear Observatory to resolve unresolved issues that could contribute to the revitalization of the nuclear agreement.