“The economic reality is light-years away from Cannes.”

While the party was taking place in Croisette, the operator expressed the pain of his profession on Twitter in the face of the collapse of cinema attendees. And he argued that he had a crucial need to promote the collective experience of the film.

“Should we close all the theaters and come to Cannes? Frankly, there are 80 entries per day in 6 rooms and 18 sessions. And symbolically, It’s May 19th, just a year after the reopening. In short, I’m depressed alone in an air-conditioned movie theater. “French fireworks and patrols in front of Paramount on May 19th, while the Cannes Film Festival is showing on all cylinders for two days – a six-screen cinema perigold operator’art et d ‘essai Share that mood on Twitter.

On Monday, May 23, he puts it back and compares the two parallel worlds. “I’m living his best life in Cannes in a bubble”, And at their cinema, the pain of exhibitors crying alone at their entrance “Catastrophic”. With a little exaggeration, Arnaud Viale undoubtedly expresses anxiety and fear of the future that is widely shared by his fellow exhibitors and distributors.

Having not missed a single Cannes for 20 years, he stayed in Sarlat. “I’m not willing to go to Croisette in this dramatic situation. In any case, it was financially impossible.” He adds. He remembers the exhilarating days of discovering several movies a day with others in the dark, and wants to bother with the beauty of the movie, and that’s it. “But this festival remains a bubble of privileged people watching movies, most of which do not exceed 50,000 admissions. Let’s be realistic! The economic reality is light from the planet Cannes. Years away. »»

While Croisette is enthusiastic about funny zombies Cut! And the dirty laundry of the Desplechin house (Brothers and sisters), Arnaud Vialle counted the number of admissions made by these two films at Rex. “” Since its release on Wednesday, 41 people have come to see the Hazanavisius movie in 10 screenings. As for Desplechin, which has been exhibited since Friday, there are 41 entries, more than 6 times this time. It’s just a disaster. »»

The deep evil of Uberization

Asked for information about France, Pierre Lescure, the future former president of the Cannes Film Festival, still wanted to be relieved. “We all changed habits, but it will come back. You just have to keep and keep producing as much as you can. “Arnaud Vialle doesn’t believe it for a moment.” It’s been a year since the reopening, and even with a -25-45% voyage, it’s still -30%. This year is not eight blockbusters. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange Where Top gun, Its attendance will continue to recover again.After enjoying the last Tom Cruise release for 3 weeks, it will be an air hole again.. »»

But he’s not the type to cry a wolf with a few warnings. He inherited the film from his father, who inherited the film from his parents, the founder of Rex in 1957.But this time, Arnaud Viale believes he knows it “” Evil is deep It specifies that the seven months of the cinema closure due to the health crisis were useless. “” We could have been left open with the obligation to wear gauges and masks … now it’s customary for people to order from Amazon, watch movies on the platform, and dine at Uber Eats. Do … it will be difficult. Especially because the platform hasn’t given everything yet. »»

so what ?Putty boss Jerome Sedu recently proposed a solution “Premium” Is the movie going in the right direction? In the eyes of Arnaud Vialle, this is a very bad idea. There is no doubt about turning popular cultural entertainment into class entertainment. “” If I’m an operator, it’s about allowing as many people as possible to come to the theater for a price of 5-9 euros. If tomorrow’s session costs € 24, there are cinemas only in big cities owned by Pathé, Gaumont, etc. In small cities and rural areas, independent private organizations can no longer be managed, so they can only be managed by the city hall. »»

Image education, priorities

Next, do you need to hear the discussion of people pointing out the price of movie tickets and compare it to the cost of a one-month subscription to Netflix or Disney +? “” A family outing to the cinema is equivalent to a Netflix one-month subscription. That is the reality. However, please tell the distributor that you need to lower the entry price.This means less reward for their investment … it’s the collective experience of the film that we have to evaluate or risk disappearing... »»

For this reason, Arnaud Vialle relies on the education of future audiences. “” Today’s youth take us to nerds.. The image education system needs to be strengthened and modernized, and children need to be taught to come to the theater in groups and discuss the film. »» And lament the attempt of CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image) to train young movie fans by creating TikTok and Snapshat accounts. “” This is not how they affect young people. You have to go to class, ask teachers in each field to go to the cinema once a year, and then have a discussion. »»

Another emergency for Arnaud Vialle is the right to sign a deal with a streamer to air in theaters at the beginning of each episode of a large series, or an event session for such a prestigious movie produced on the platform. To have the right to provide.Recently, co-producer of Putty Coder, American remake Aries family Broadcasting Best Work Award 2022 on Apple TV + and Oscar, Was exempt from publishing feature films in theaters for 48 hours. If Rex’s boss realizes he doesn’t have all the solutions, he’ll settle their accounts with “talents”, especially to curb the hellish sales of the movies on display. When it comes to, he doesn’t chop his words into small pieces, there is little solidarity with distributors and exhibitors in the turmoil. “” We gargle about Tom Cruise in Cannes, but he said it out loud and clearly: he takes his hat off as soon as possible and goes to the cinema to watch the movie. The man stage himself by filming his exit in the cinema. Apart from Pierre Niney, who are the actors and actresses in France who speak loudly and clearly about this speech? In particular, I see people born because movie theaters are sold to Netflix and Amazon … “

CNC working to bring the people back to the theater
In Cannes, not all film professionals have their heads in a bucket of champagne. Most work. Try saving the movie in the theater. On Monday, May 23, at the beach in Gray Darvish, the CNC gathered a specific number and published a study that the sector explicitly demanded loudly. Finding the reason for the audience’s dissatisfaction is already wondering about the levers to fight it. This was then sketched when “Focusing on Audience Acquisition and Renewal”.
The first two reasons given to explain that the public will not return to the theater are loss of habits and prices (I know CSP + is the person who made this element the most advanced). Twenty-three percent of those asked established a link between low cinema attendance and movie offers that didn’t meet their expectations. In proportion, young people are returning faster than other age groups, with the most reluctant being 29-49 years old. Magali Valente, the director of the CNC movie theater, confidently said: Remember that the end of your health pass dates back to March 14th. Very recently! The only month with no health restrictions is April, with -23% attendees, far from the catastrophic -45% in January … According to her, the crisis is a combination of several factors, some structural (price, supply, etc.) and others periodic (masking, health pass, etc.), and the response provided is short-term. And must be long term. .. Among other tracks: Reassessment of the collective experience in front of the platform (ie, more comfortable for higher admission tickets, thanks to the reflection of offers and programming, especially the “premiumization” of the room. Well, thanks to digital marketing and data, the exposure of the movie will be improved.